Marketing Tips of the Week

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Melissa Forziat, small business marketing consultant, provides marketing tips every week and free advice to small business owners looking to grow a loyal audience.  Check out the whole collection of marketing tips by topic here!

Event Marketing – Should You Do It?

Have you been thinking about planning an event to market your business, but you’re not sure where to begin? As someone who does both event management and marketing, this is a topic that I tend [...]

Can You Repeat and Reuse Marketing Content?

When I speak to business owners about online marketing, one question that comes up frequently is “How often do I need to come up with content?”  This question seems like a data-driven question, but it [...]

The 4 Stages of Successful Networking

Networking is a core marketing tactic that many business owners, nonprofits, and professionals use.  In fact, when I work with clients on the structure of their marketing plan, some type of networking almost always exists [...]

When Not to Appeal to Emotion in Marketing and Sales

Marketing and sales are psychological exercises.  Marketing harnesses a message that we put out to our target market to attract attention.  Once we shift to sales mode, we pinpoint the perfect pitch and use it [...]

7 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

Content marketing is all the rage these days.  Marketing experts are quick to highlight the importance of blogs, newsletters, articles, podcasts, books, or any longer format where you can inform, entertain, or educate.  But it [...]

How to Increase Sales with Levels of Offerings

As business owners and marketers, we build awareness, create impressions, and show our customers that we have a solution to their pain point.  Eventually, we get to the moment where our customers have to evaluate [...]