Are you a small business owner struggling to bring in new clients or even enough clients to make ends meet?  Are you a nonprofit development manager or small business owner thinking about hosting an event and overwhelmed by the details, the need for sponsorships, and the contracts involved?  I am a small business marketing consultant and event manager, and I can help.

Small businesses and nonprofits are businesses often run with great passion.  Both small business owners and nonprofit staff tend to be mission driven, to believe in what they do.  There is nothing worse than having a deep, core belief in your mission and feeling that your voice is not being heard.

As a small business marketing consultant, I work with you to establish your marketing strategy.  Who is your target market?  Where is your target market?  What tools are available to reach your target market?  How can you craft your marketing messaging to showcase your brand and your company values and offerings to the fullest?  I do not work with you to steer you towards the newest marketing fad so I can take a cut from an affiliate link.  I work with you to think logically about how your business can reach new and existing customers with the right message.

As an event manager, I am well-suited to guide your small business or nonprofit through all the steps that event marketing requires.  Whether you need a timeline, contract negotiation, staffing support, budget development, vendor management, sponsorship acquisition, day-of management, or any other event services, I can help you achieve your event goals.  Together, we can build an event that stays on budget, on time, and represents your brand well to donors, sponsors, and attendees.

As a small business marketing consultant and nonprofit event manager, I have worked with clients all over the world to ensure that their voices are heard.  I have worked with brands ranging from the Olympic Winter Games to local language immersion schools to jewelry companies trying to build an international clientele.  I look forward to learning more about your next project.  I am here to help you move forward.