Enjoy this week’s guest post from SEO Specialist, Matt LaClear, and consider writing press releases. 

Press releases seem old school. They have been used for decades by companies and governments around the world. While they aren’t as popular as they once were, press releases still offer an effective way to release information to news outlets online and off. 

Let’s look at ten things you need to know about press releases.

#1 They Offer Instant Exposure

When you put out a press release, you are delivering a key piece of news to multiple media outlets, all at one time. They can attract the attention of journalists from key industry or local outlets. This gives you instant exposure to people who have an interest in what you are doing.

A press release is a great way to build your reputation with both customers and journalists. This enhances your authority as an industry expert.

#2 They Increase Your Sales Potential

You might have a new product line coming out or a new service you are offering. Your company might have its 10th or 25th anniversary coming up, and you want to highlight the event. You may have a new employee coming on board to take your company in a new direction. All of these occasions are a great time to issue a press release that can grab customers’ attention.

A press release offers a new potential path for customers to find you. It helps boost media coverage, which will showcase your business.

#3 They Boost Your Marketing Efforts

The more channels you can get your marketing message in, the more likely you will find your target audience. Content distribution is as important as its creation.

You already have a website, a blog, a social media presence, and maybe even paid advertising. You can extend your marketing, at an affordable price, with the help of press release submission services. With a press release, you can craft the content directly to your target audience. It will help enhance your content marketing and position your company in the right space.

#4 They Help Boost Your Brand Authority

Customers like content from industry authorities. These are the people and brands that get respect and deference. They present useful information from an expert’s point of view.

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They allow you to highlight the unique attributes your company and products bring to the marketplace. You can conduct an entire PR campaign to take your company to the next level.

#5 They Bring People to Your Website

People are online 24/7 looking for useful information and unique insights. You need to use every tool possible to gain your customers’ attention.

When you publish a press release through a submission service, you can get recognition across multiple media channels. You can include relevant links to your website within the press release. You can use key SEO practices in the press release to gain valuable traffic. Think keywords, headlines, videos, photos, and even hashtags.

Press releases open up communication with potential clients, investors, influencers, and journalists. That’s valuable for any business.

#6 They Enhance SEO

When your press release gets picked up on any media channel, you get valuable backlinks to your website. Backlinks are Internet gold for getting your website found by customers.

You can increase the press release’s visibility and get the content found by web crawlers. Adding keywords and tags to the content can give you an instant SEO boost on the search engines. Not only should you publish it through a submission service, you also need to put a copy on your own website.

#7 They Allow You To Reach Your Local Audience and Industry

Submission services get your press releases to industry publications. This gives you a better chance to reach the companies and influencers that you want and need to pay attention. They are the ones you want to test, buy, and recommend your products to their own audiences.

You can also target a specific location or region. This is especially great if you run a local company that does most of its business within a certain area. It helps you get your message out as far as it can go.

Press releases are also effective if you want to grow into a new location. It offers media outlets a way to introduce your company to your target audience.

#8 They Give You Access to Multiple Marketing Channels

A single press release that’s distributed properly can grab the attention of newspapers, magazines, online newsletters, radio, and TV. This opens up new marketing channels for you at all one time. When you release press releases on future occasions, you already have open channels to get your message out.

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#9 They Build Your Relationship with Journalists and Influencers

Journalists are always looking for a good story to share. They want to know what is going on and how it can benefit their audience.

A press release can grab their attention and make them pay attention. It can build strong relationships with journalists and influencers in your industry or niche. That way, when you have news to share, they already know who you are and what you offer to their world. It increases the chance they will do something with the news you are releasing.

#10 They Can Help You Attract Investors

Investors are always looking for companies that are a good investment. A press release can capture an investor’s attention, especially if you are introducing new technology or a new product line. It demonstrates your company’s innovation and potential. This could be just the introduction you need to get solid investment to give your company growth opportunities.

Press release submission services can take your copy and put it into the right places. What is the topic of your next press release?

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