Enjoy this week’s guest post from creative, Amanda Parker. Her tips for making graphics that stand out are simple and worth applying. 

5 Ways to Make Your Graphics Stand Out

Have you been in business more than five minutes? Then you know the importance visuals, like graphics, play in your business. Brand new or long-time entrepreneur; you know strong, clear graphics set businesses apart as professional vs. amateur. Easier said than done, I know! Click To TweetMany of my clients come to me understanding good design is important but not knowing how to improve their graphics. 

Good news! Today I’m sharing five ways you can make your graphics easily and instantly stand out:  

White space: 

It’s easy to get carried away with your designs in editing programs, like Canva, when so many fun design elements exist at your fingertips. Resist the urge to put all the things on your designs.  The adage, “less is more” proves true for graphic design. Keep your designs simple and clean, allowing for white space and breathing room. This allows your content to shine and keeps your readers focused on what they’re looking for. Think about it like this, your design is your desk and you want your audience to find your pen. Do you leave your desk covered in papers, coffee mugs, Post-it notes, planners, and notebooks? No! You clean up your desk and make it easy for them. 


If you’re a parent, you may be sick of repeating yourself over and over and over again  (raising my hand over here). But while it might be a thorn in your side as a parent, it’s crucial in design!  Working on a batch of social media graphics? Keep fonts and colors consistent. Working on an opt-in or course materials? Use the same font size for body text and headings—on every page. This consistency benefits you two-fold. It generates recognition with your audience so when they find your blog post on Pinterest then scroll Instagram, they instantly recognize you. The other benefit is it’s less work for you! Staying consistent creates clarity and saves you time thinking about what to create. Pick your lane and stay there!


Guys, I’m just going to say it—please stop using fonts like Playlist Script and Brusher! I know you like them, but they are everywhere. I am passionate about fonts because they say so much about you and your brand! When you choose overused fonts, it says, “Hi, I’m just like everyone else.” But that’s not what you want, right?! Check out sites like Creative Market; invest $15-$20 in a font you love and makes you unique.

Crop it like it’s hot:

Regardless of the graphic you’re working on, always make the photo work for you—not the other way around. Click To Tweet I often see business owners place an image and just leave it as is. Take a minute to imagine the possibilities if you rotate it a bit, enlarge it, or shift it more to one side.  Play with your image so it creates the space you need for your content. Make the image show off the elements that matter most to you.


Contrast enhances designs. For example, use a darker colored box with lighter font to call out a special tip you’re drawing attention to. Contrast can also be applied to choosing fonts and photos. Balance a bold font with a lighter one. If your photo is softer with muted colors, throw a bright colored (on brand, of course!) font on there. When elements are too similar, they both get lost and so does your audience.

You have the power to elevate your graphics. Using these simple tips can greatly improve your designs and make you stand out. 

Amanda Parker, author of the Guest Post 5 Ways to Make Your Graphics Stand OutAmanda Parker is the owner and creative mind behind Marathon Designs. She specializes in supporting businesses in the health and wellness industry through branding, web design, digital content creation, and other design services.

Amanda’s mission is to allow her clients to focus on their area of genius while she works her magic to create materials that they love.

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