A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Brand and Reaching Your Target Market

Send the RIGHT message to the RIGHT audience.

Learn how to connect your business with your ideal customers, get their attention, and profit from it.  Identify exactly how to resonate with the people who would want to buy your products and services.

Stop wasting money and time on marketing that isn’t serving your purpose.  

This 6 week online course will show you how.


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Melissa’s marketing course content is always great! She is concise, uses relatable examples and her content is always very applicable and easy to implement. Great substance and no fluff with this down to earth marketing guru.

Christian Harris, Sea-Town Real Estate, Sea-Town Podcast

This is the type of course I wish I could’ve had when I was starting out. Detailed and extremely helpful for business owners who want to understand the concepts of branding and targeting their ideal clients…This course delivers what you need to know without any unnecessary filler.

Deb Bailey, Deb Bailey Coaching

This will help grow your business.

Jason Green, Snoqualmie Optimal Health Chiropractic

Building your brand and reaching your target market is not a one-time exercise. It takes time, research, and a lot of thought. Melissa breaks it down so the material is easy to digest. The short quizzes at the end are a fun way to test what you’ve covered.

Yolanda Crowley, Crowley Assistant Services

No matter how or where you are marketing your business, there are a couple things that need to happen if you are going to generate sales:

  • You have to be saying the right things.

  • You have to be saying them to the right people.

It sounds so simple, but are you 100% sure you are saying the right things to the right people?

The truth is most business owners have never been trained in these areas.  Or they were partially trained without fully exploring them.  Or – more likely still – they learned them years ago when the business looked like one thing, and now it is has grown and stretched into new areas.

As we continue to branch out and build our businesses, create new campaigns and products, launch new promotions or events, the fundamentals get lost.

Unfortunately, the pace of today’s world doesn’t allow us to be unclear.

You may only have 2 seconds to get your target market’s attention with that promotion you spent a day creating.  2 seconds.  Are you being as effective as possible in that time?

  • Do you know the essence of what you are trying to say?

  • Are you clear on the exact type of person it is intended for?

  • Have you thought about precisely what that person needs to see from you?

  • Did you layer in the subliminal messages that will help your message pop?

“A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Brand and Reaching Your Target Market” is designed to help you answer all these questions so you can move forward confidently into a more effective sales process.

Whether you are new to business, launching a new service, or you’ve been operating for a while and feel like your marketing isn’t landing as well as it should, now is the time to answer these questions.

This course is about showing you how to get more out of your marketing no matter what tools you are using to do it.

What will you learn how to do in this course?

Define and locate your target markets

Develop a smart brand

Identify what your audience needs to hear from you to buy from you

Create consistency in your brand identity

Layer in subliminal messages to get your audience’s attention

Figure out where to put your marketing messages for most impact

I work with microbusiness owners and those who are being careful about the budget they spend.  Is that you?  If so, you’re probably wondering what you will get from this course.  I want you to know that I loaded in a ton of content, and here is what you will get:

  6 learning modules

  8 video presentations

  9 guided exercises

12 additional resources and blogs

Are you right for this course?  I designed this course with a certain type of person in mind, so let’s see if this describes you:

  You need to revisit the brand you are presenting to your audience, either because you never had the tools to visit it the first time, you didn’t fully explore it when you did learn about it, or because your business has changed significantly over the years and your message might have changed with it.

  You haven’t gone as deep as you can in exploring who your target markets are.   The more you do to define your target markets, the easier your marketing becomes.  It’s time well spent.

You are ready to put in work to move your marketing plan forward.  You could go through these exercises quickly, but you will get the most from this course if you are ready to dedicate time, effort, and energy into each guided step.

  You want a DIY approach to learning, but you want something structured.  If you aren’t ready to work with a coach one-on-one, and your efforts to search for information online aren’t quite enough, this course was created to be your middle ground.  Not only do you get presentations and exercises, but I break everything down in videos and instructions to help you move forward.

You want to learn from me.  Let me tell you my goals.  I want to empower you.  I want to guide you.  I want to encourage you.  I am kind of intense about helping microbusinesses succeed, but once you get to know me you’ll get the full advantage of my comedic flair.  I am dedicated to helping those who want to help themselves.  If that is you, I would love to work with you!

YES! I am ready to enroll and want to take the next step in my marketing!

Get the equivalent of dozens of hours of coaching.  Save thousands of dollars in the process.

Use this course to help you define your target markets and brand so you can start converting more customers now!

I'll be here when you're ready

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