One of the biggest challenges I see from small business owners in their marketing is the urgency with which they approach it.

Marketing done well is a long-term plan, but when you are facing start-up costs, monthly bills, purchasing inventory, paying employees, and all of the other responsibilities that go along with running a business, it can be difficult to look beyond the short term.

The truth is that negotiations and sales pitches are two things that are far more powerful when there is NOT a hint of desperation in your voice. As customers discern what will be most beneficial for them, a note of urgency from you will cloud the message and break down trust.

The more you can look at marketing with a long-term approach, the more successful you will be. And this involves continually planting seeds of your message in different places every week or month, watering them occasionally, and allowing them to grow in their time. It means establishing the right balance of putting the message out there and then finding appropriate ways to remind the lead of your business over time.  This allows you to slowly gain their trust and warm the lead.

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How do you know if you are being overeager? If you just sent out an email or a campaign, and you are anxiously awaiting response; that is your first sign. Use this time to acknowledge that the recipient may need to evaluate your message. Or they could be busy. Or they might not be ready yet. And go plant some other seed. Meet those holding pattern moments with the productivity of cultivating a new lead.

Eventually, you will have a whole field of leads growing (with occasional nurturing from you).  Suddenly you will hear back from one. You gave it room, you did not smother it, and now it is flourishing.

When you rest your marketing plan all on one big opportunity, one big lead, one big campaign, the intensity of your need will be felt by the customer. So, as you build your marketing strategy, build in a plan for how to stay patient enough to let the leads develop trust in you.

One way to build patience into your plan is to build a marketing funnel for your business. A marketing funnel will help tell you the steps you lead your customers through until they are ready to buy from you and will help calm you down! If you are interested to work on your marketing funnel, check out my Marketing Funnel Worksheet.