In this blog series we are reviewing how to attract the right customers with the marketing you do for your business.  So far, we have addressed using values to reach your customers in part 1, using tone to attract your ideal audience in part 2, and using keywords to hook your audience in part 3.  Today, we will look at the meaning of colors and how you can use color to draw in the right audience.

One of my favorite things to do when speaking to groups of business owners about marketing is to lead a discussion of exactly how much time they have to capture the attention of their audience.  For example, how much time they have on Facebook to capture a lead.  I’ll ask everyone how much time they spend skimming each post as they scroll through their own news feed.  Usually the collective answer is somewhere around two seconds.  Then I’ll say, “What causes you to stop a little longer on any given post?”  They’ll usually shout out answers like color, images, or headlines.  Then I’ll say, “So, how long do you stop on the post after you see the color, image, or headline?”  They’ll usually end up with an answer around three or four seconds.  During this time, they are deciding if they are going to click through or not.  In total, somewhere between five and ten seconds they might decide to click through.  These are the consistent answers I tend to get during a group discussion.

The result of this discussion is pretty sobering.  Basically, you are asking your leads to make three decisions to stick with you in ten seconds.  Think about how much time YOU spend creating an ad, a post, or some other marketing message.  The vast majority of people spend 5 seconds or less looking at your marketing message.  If you can get someone to stick with you for 10 seconds and click through, it’s a win!

Color is one of the tools at your disposal for attracting the right customers and getting their attention.  Color is a quick visual hook that grabs the eye to pause on your marketing message.  The words of your message can do the work to keep them with you, but you have to get their attention first.

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The meaning of colors has huge impact in attracting the right customers.  Colors play on psychology.  From one culture to the next there could be some differences in the meaning of colors.  But culturally, as color is used in all kinds of messaging and imagery around them every day, the people in your audience have learned the meaning of colors over time and will carry that knowledge into interpreting your message.

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Check out the graphic below for a quick reference on some of the meanings that different colors can have.


Of course, any given color might have more than one potential meaning depending on the context.  Different shades of a color can have an impact on the message you send your audience.  But, looking at a chart like this can help you narrow down what buckets of color might be right for the type of message you want to send.

Remember: if you only have 5-10 seconds to capture your audience’s attention, color is one of the most powerful tools you have to send a message within a message.  Choose wisely!

And remember, your brand can only be strong if you have identified your target market in detail. If you want to work on defining your target market and you sell B2B, click here!  If you sell B2C, click here!