Your “competitors” can be your partners. What if we stop thinking about competitors as ruthless business stealers and try instead to think about them as collaborators? Here’s what happens:

1) When your competitor books a job on a date because they are so awesome, and then gets a second job for the same date because they are so awesome, now they know to refer that second to job…to you.

2) When your competitors – who have you top of mind now that you have talked to each other about your businesses and offerings – mentions your business in conversation, you suddenly have a testimonial from other industry professionals.

3) When your competitors are approached for a job that actually is not really their interest, they can refer it to you for good karma points.

If you and your “competitors” can establish good will and mutually refer each other, you now actually have a partnership.

Could this tactic apply to you in your business?

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