On special request, let’s talk methods for improving Facebook reach for businesses. Facebook is a relevant tool for many, and it is becoming more difficult to get significant organic reach.

(Caveat: my approach to marketing for my clients involves long-term strategy. I believe in exploring a variety of tools and tactics to reach a specific target market. There’s not just one right tool. Stay tuned for an upcoming webinar on overall strategy if you’re interested to learn more.)

Here’s a starter list of 10 ways to use Facebook strategically. I also encourage you to COMMENT with your own best practices.

1) First, ask yourself who your target market is and if they are on Facebook.
2) If so, WHERE are they? Are they in groups? Do they take part in weekly events or # campaigns? Do they congregate on popular community pages? Do they Friend each other?
3) Become part of those groups, events, or community pages. Take part in discussions. Everyone wants to feel heard on social media, so be responsive. It is SOCIAL media. Building relationships is a great advantage in building TRUST with a potential customer, reader, or client. For ideas on how to create engagement on social media, click here.

Everyone wants to feel heard on #socialmedia, so be responsive. #smallbiz #smb Click To Tweet

4) Share strategically. Find partners. Cross market. You can also cross market by yourself. If you have a business page, share relevant content onto your personal page sometimes.
5) Make sure your offerings are clearly available somewhere on or from your page. People will explore when they are interested in you.
6) You can sell, but no one wants to be sold to all the time. They will hide your posts or unlike you. Instead, delve into your subject matter, ask questions, give information or tips. Be informative or funny – something other than 100% sales-focused. Give people something to engage with.
7) Be strategic about how and when you make offerings. Remember who your target market is and how they want to receive information. Make a relevant offer based on that information.
8) Share content between your different social media tools.
9) Like and comment on your own posts.
10) Wait hours or days if you can before liking or commenting on your post. The separation in timing of engagement makes your post visible to a new set of people.

The separation in timing of engagement makes your post visible to a new set of people. Click To Tweet

Again, this is a basic list of just 10 ways to use Facebook strategically. There are more ways. Feel free to COMMENT with some of your best practices for getting greater reach below.

And if you want to do targeted work on building an effective Facebook strategy for your business, check out my Facebook Engagement Bootcamp. In eight weeks, you can boost your Facebook engagement and conversions.