By Halle Eavelyn


If you could achieve one big grand goal in your business this year, what would it be?


What if you could be more connected to your work? To your home? And to yourself? What if every day was exciting? What if one day you woke up and said “life and business can’t get any better” yet it still does?


What was the last thing you remember that you did for yourself? (You’re reading this blog!  Good for you!)


Before that? Maybe getting a cup of coffee this morning to wake yourself up? Taking a shower?


We are SO pulled by the demands of those around us, even when they are our dearest loved ones.  And when they are our clients, customers or employees – you can spend your whole day putting out fires and never even get to enjoy your day!


If you were to set a single weekly goal – something achievable – in your business and accomplish it, how much more valuable as a person would you feel, in comparison to the never-ending TO DO list?


We spend so much time feeling guilty about the things that we haven’t accomplished that we forget to acknowledge the things that we have accomplished.


Think about something that you have had on your to do list for forever or something that you have yet to accomplish that you need to do that’s weighing on you. Now think about the last thing that you accomplished. Do you remember what it is?   Was it harder to think about the thing you accomplished than about the thing you didn’t? Usually, it is!


This is really no different than the fact that people complain about a bad experience much more readily than they will give compliments for a good one.  We do this to ourselves most of all, because we like to beat ourselves up.


What if you set a HUGE work goal for yourself and look at it once a week and pick ONE thing that would get your closer to that goal.  Would it be possible to achieve that goal within a year?


The goal must be measurable and specific (I want to make an extra $100K, NOT I want to make more money).  We have a tendency to create too many goals, and to have them be wishy-washy. The authors of The 4 Disciplines of Execution point out that most companies have 8-9 Wildly Important Goals, rather than the one or two that are actually accomplishable at any one time.  No wonder it sometimes feels like nothing is getting done!


It’s your job to set goals for yourself that you can accomplish. If you break it down into small enough increments you will get there. You don’t need to see the whole road to set your intention for the destination.  You don’t need to see the HOW to get started. Ask yourself, “What is my smallest next step?” then listen for the answer. 


One of my favorite expressions is: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.


I wrote my first book five minutes at a time a couple times a day… on the potty.  


It was literally my only spare time. It took forever. Yet eventually, I was done.  And that book was published and it got great reviews and people loved it and it helped to grow my real estate business, and it was a tremendous accomplishment for me! 


It was an elephant. And I ate it one bite at a time.


I challenge you to look at your big business goals, and choose just one. Find your elephant and begin asking, “What’s the smallest next step I can take to get to my goal?” Then do just that and ask again.  


Don’t worry.  You’ll get to all your other goals.  And by the time you start the next one, you’ll feel so much more accomplished because you already achieved something great.


Bio: Halle is a transformational coach, speaker, and writer who helps people break out of their old patterns so they can live their best lives, the ones they always yearned for. she draws on her 25 years of business experience in software, real estate, the movie business and travel. She works with a variety of intuitive modalities; her work is deep and extremely fast, with clients experiencing powerful shifts easily. She selectively works with one-on-one and group clients who are ready for extraordinary growth. After her spiritual awakening in Egypt, she wrote the spiritual travel memoir, Red Goddess Rising, which tells that story and all about the subsequent trips she’s led up the Nile for over a decade. You can also find her at The Huffington Post, writing on personal transformation and the intersection of spirituality & travel. Her newest book is called 100 Ways To Be In Joy.