Blogs are an aspect of online marketing that many people resist.  There are certain concerns that come up time and again when I talk with marketers. If the thought of sitting at a computer, staring at a blank page, and having to write an essay out of thin air scares you, maybe you just need a different format.  Today, I want to change how you think about blogging for your business.  Blogs don’t have to be articles.

What would be a fun, viable way for you to share content about YOUR business?  Not all businesses are the same, and there are so many ways to get people invested in what you do.  You should use a format that is right for you and is right for showcasing your brand.

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A major benefit of blogging is selling what you do by getting people interested in what you do.  The more unique a format you choose for your blog, the more you attract people.  If you are creating niche material, you will draw to you the people who like that kind of material.  If your blog format showcases your brand, you will attract your target audience.  This is the point of marketing!

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Yes, ideally you want to take advantage of the benefits of SEO.  Having the capacity to set keywords and appropriate tags is part of that.  So you want to find a platform that allows you to do those important things.  But that doesn’t have to dictate the type of content you create.

If you are fighting blogs but doing other types of online marketing, you need to take a hard look at your plan.  Blogs are a link to get people from social media to your website.  Blogs are a link to get people from newsletters to your website.  Blogs can be cornerstone content that raise the profile of your overall website on search engines so people can find you organically.   Blogs are also a reason for other people to share your website and the interesting things you create or say.

Blogs don’t have to be articles.  If you get creative, there are so many choices for you.

Here are 10 to get you started:

  • Talking videos – If you would prefer to speak than to write, do it. Upload the video to YouTube or another logical platform, and then embed them on your website
  • Process videos – One of my absolute favorite things is to see HOW people do what they do. In life, we see a lot of end products, but the process of getting there is often fascinating.  You may be so accustomed to what you do that it seems mundane, but it isn’t for other people who are unfamiliar with your industry.
  • Poetry – Write haikus, limericks, sonnets, or other styles.  Having a defined structure for your words may inspire you.
  • Art – You could have a song of the month, a painting of the week, a doodle of the day.
  • Comics – Use visuals to tell a story.  This is a succinct way to get your point across, but it can be effective.
  • Photos – A photo blog is logical for photographers, but it actually makes sense for any business that can tell a story from behind the scenes. Photos make people feel like they are there with you.
  • Response or Rebuttal blogs – This could be text or video, but you start using other source material as a base. Link the material, credit the writer, and add your thoughts, experiences, or counterpoints.  If you are worried about it, you can get their permission first.  But, it’s a good thing for the writer of the original piece if you are making their content relevant again.
  • Recipes – I think of the movie “Waitress.” The pies always had names and ingredients that were indicative of how things were going for her that day.  It doesn’t have to be this on the nose!  Recipes could make sense by themselves for certain types of businesses, or they could be a thematic choice to enhance other storytelling.
  • Interviews – You could interview your staff, your best customers, your biggest fans, partner businesses, or anyone else that you can connect with your business.  This allows your audience to get to know the people involved in a deeper way.
  • Prop-based – Show your business through the eyes of a mascot or have something that regularly interacts with your business. It makes it more like a diary, and even that can come in many forms.

There are so many reasons for you to blog for your business.  If you are doing other types of online marketing, you may be doing yourself a disservice by not giving them a non-salesy reason to go back to your website again and again.  If you want to know some of my compelling reasons for blogging, read here.

Don’t let fear stop you.  Blogs don’t have to be articles.  If you’re afraid of the blinking cursor, choose another option.  If you think that articles and essays won’t come easily for you, pick a format that will.  You get to decide how to represent your business and brand, and there may very well be a format that is actually more conducive to allowing your audience to connect with you.


For those interested in guest blogging, I am thrilled to tell you that Melissa Forziat Events and Marketing is starting a regular guest blog in addition to my Marketing Tips of the Week.  If you run a business and have something to say about it, you should apply!  For more information about being a guest blogger on my site, read here!