As an internationally-renowned marketing consultant, event manager, and speaker, Melissa delivers keynotes, presentations, workshops, and webinars to business owners all over the world. With an expertise in small business marketing, a wealth of knowledge working with clients from all different industries and parts of the world, and a dash of humor from her improv comedy background, Melissa creates a memorable experience that will resonate with your registrants and make your organization look good.

In her presentations, Melissa shares smart marketing advice to help attendees grow their businesses in a way that will leave them inspired to take action!  Click here to contact us about having Melissa speak at one of your upcoming events 

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Speaking Topics

Melissa offers presentations, workshops, and webinars on the following topics:

  • How to Build Your Brand and Reach Your Target Market
  • Create Your Most Profitable Marketing Strategy (AKA Creating a Strong Marketing Funnel)
  • Partnering for Profit
  • How to Win at Social Media (even with no budget!)
  • Marketing Your Business from the Driver’s Seat (Taking a position of strength in marketing and sales)
  • Small Business Marketing on a Budget (only available as a workshop for 2+ hours)


I really don’t know what to say to convey our heartfelt thanks for your attendance at conference. I notice people on Facebook are already writing comments and they convey my sentiments exactly. The way you presented, the quality of your message and just your wonderful personality, all came together to make for a wonderful, on-point, professional presentation. You were definitely a speaker that made US look good! Reflected glory and all that!

-Donna Brooke, B&B Association NZ Board Member

Melissa presented ideas, best practices and tips to making marketing goals happen in a very relatable way. The handouts and tools she provided will really help guide people through their marketing planning and tasks. Although we had a few technical glitches, Melissa handled them smoothly, professionally and never skipped a beat.

-Karen Leatherman, Business Development Specialist, Missouri S&T

It was exciting to see everyone so engaged and putting your advice to use before lunch was even over.

– Emilia Jones, Outreach and Events Manager, Phinney Neighborhood Association

The Chandler Chamber of Commerce presented the dynamic Melissa Forziat as a special engagement speaker at our monthly ‘Ask an Expert’ workshop.  Melissa has effectively transformed her experience with big brand management including the Olympics and the Goodwill Games, into a power-packed program that delivered inspiration and innovation.  Her ‘How to Market Your Business’ presentation offered new insight into today’s ever-changing marketing world, loaded with take-aways to develop and enhance the attendee’s skills.  Serious content with a witty and entertaining delivery!

– Paulette Pacioni, Marketing Manager, Chandler Chamber of Commerce

Melissa meets business owners where they are at and uses her motivational and inspirational tone to get others excited about their lives and their businesses. I have seen her work with all types of businesses, from the florist who is expanding into the wholesale arena to the property management company looking to expand into new markets. She matches the heart with the practical and her passion for what she does is infectious.

– Jen Hughes, Director of Training and Incubation, Ventures

Bio and Headshots

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