Enjoy this week’s guest post by Phil and Susan D’Amico and learn tips and tools for creating strong business relationships.


When you hear the word relationships, what comes to your mind? We think of our families, friends, partners or spouses. But a business relationship with a customer, client or co-worker, what does that look like?

Let’s start with our personal relationships. Isn’t there something that draws us to each other? We are attracted to each other for many reasons, our energy, zest for life, appearance, behaviors, interests, life style, things in common or not in common, beliefs, desires, etc…..

There is a myriad of things that attract us to each other in so many ways. You have heard that opposites attract. We like change even if we are comfortable in our security boxes. Something new, something fresh, something we have not thought of before. Change is good and helps us define what we want and don’t want.

We like to feel special, important to our significant others. We like being heard, listened to, understood, accepted the way we are. We like to be respected, trusted, free to be ourselves and allowed to do so. We like intimacy, closeness, caring and compassionate responses.

We like our needs met and we enjoy meeting their needs. We want to feel loved and appreciated, to feel valued and nurtured.

All of these values and principles are part of getting to know each other, getting close to each other, being open and vulnerable. It is being real, being human and not fake. People know if you are sincere and if you have integrity. 

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All relationships work off of the same principles and values. A client likes to be heard and listened to. They want to be understood and respected. They have needs that they want met just like anybody else. They have feelings, emotions, desires, likes and dislikes.

Sometimes they know what they want or think they know what they want. Once you listen to them and understand the need, you may be able to help them see that maybe what they thought they wanted is really not what they want at all.

A client likes to be heard and listened to. They want to be understood and respected. #business #relationships Click To Tweet

But it comes down to communication and good listening skills. Half our challenges would be met if we would slow down long enough to hear what they have to say and respond to it.

Other times, just listening to people is all it takes. People have been so mishandled when it comes to this that there becomes trust and respect issues, so you may have to earn those. All relationships, whether personal or business, can be treated the same – with respect, dignity and honor. 

Tips and tools to attract and keep your clients

  1. Don’t force or sell something that the client does not need or want.
  2. Focus on building relationships on a personal level with clients that allow them to feel appreciated and empowered. Make suggestions, give options and let them make the choices. They will respect you for that.
  3. Make the client’s need more important than a sale. Don’t make money your priority, but instead, let your priority be the client’s well being.
  4. Treat a client the way you would want to be treated. When you build your business with integrity and honesty, they will always come back.
  5. Instill the values within first, become that which you want to attract. If you become respectful, trustworthy, honest, a person of integrity, then you will attract those kind of clients into your experience. They will be a reflection of who you are. so that can be a measuring stick for you to see how well you are doing.
  6. Do not be afraid to give a little. Be flexible and allowing with transparency. When you connect and bond with people, they become friends. Friends will come back. A one time sale is just that. Repeat customers are what you want.
  7. Learn to work with people, if they see you are willing to bend a little, they will too.
  8. Show much appreciation and gratitude for your clients. We all like that don’t we?
  9. The more you give, the more you will get. Generosity is too scarce these days.
  10. If you have a mindset of lack-full thinking, then you will not get past that. There is a whole universe of abundance available to you if you believe and change your mindset.

Learn to live in the moment, smell the roses, enjoy life each day and allow things to fall into place for you. Have fun with creating your business and relationships. 


About The Author:  Phil and Susan D’Amico, Relationship Coaches for Singles, Couples and Entrepreneurs: Both have learned life lessons in relationships and how to apply them in business, attracting and working with their ideal clients. By applying specific principles and teachings, they will guide you to develop the ideal relationships you desire in your personal life and business.

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