What does your branding say about you? No – what does it really say? Do you know the purpose behind the images, the colors, the words, the font, the tag line? If you don’t, neither do your customers – and all those people out there who haven’t become your customers yet.

We are so close to our businesses that sometimes it can be easy to make choices just because we like them. But the elements of your branding are not about what you like. They are about what will speak to your target market and convey the correct message that is at the heart of your business (remember this post from February?).

So stop for a minute and take a look at something that has your branding on it. A business card, a web site, a brochure, a social media page. Make a list of every element you see. Shapes, colors, fonts, word choice, word number, layout, pictures. Use an adjective to describe them. And then, go through it one by one. Ask yourself if each item on the list fits perfectly with the message you are trying to convey to your audience. Every element of your branding should send the right, cohesive message to your audience.

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If the answer is yes, great! If the answer is no…it might be time to make some adjustments so that your brand is capturing the right target market’s attention with the right message. Your customers will thank you for it by introducing themselves and getting to know your business.

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