When it comes to selling, always remember what’s in it for your customer. You should be keeping your marketing relevant to that.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who was trying to get you to do or buy something, and they kept telling you about why the idea was great…for them? Think back to that time. Think about how engaged you were in the conversation. Perhaps it felt awkward. Perhaps you felt like your time was being wasted. Perhaps you started thinking about something else. Maybe you politely said thanks, but no thanks. I remember a time when I sat at a table listening to a pitch for 30 minutes over coffee and finally got a chance to say, “Okay – so why did you specifically think of me to talk to?”

If you remember what is in it for your customer when cultivating the lead, you help the listener to stay engaged. You show that your message applies to your listener. If your message is relevant, your audience has reason to listen to it.

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The more ways you can demonstrate that you get what your listener cares about and the more you can stay focused on those things, the more they will want to stay in the conversation and become an active part of it. And when they are engaged, they can reveal so much to you.

So be relevant to your customer, and while you are at it be specific about who your customer is. If you are currently saying that you are selling to “everybody,” be sure to check out this article here!