You got a call.  It was someone from Google.  They offered to help you update a business listing or maybe to get you on the first page of Google for your business.  You know you want to rank better in searches, so what do you do when you get a phone call from Google?

This is a trick question!  Google doesn’t call you.

Sometimes the tip of the week comes from a topic that comes up frequently in a short period of time, and this is one of those weeks.  I am keeping this tip short and sweet, because my point is simple.  What do you do when Google calls you?  You hang up.

What do you do when Google calls you? You hang up. #business #smallbusiness #biztips #smb #smallbiz Click To Tweet

If you have a known issue that you have already contacted Google about, then perhaps the call is legitimate.  Maybe you contacted Google about a business listing question directed to the Google My Business team.  Perhaps you had a question about an AdWords account and contacted them about that. In those cases, you are already expecting a call.  And it probably wasn’t so easy for you to get a call back.  You initiated it in some way, and you already know the very specific topic it is about.

If you get an unsolicited phone call from Google, it’s not worth your time.  You are talking to someone who is trying to scam you.  Telemarketing is not part of Google’s sales model.  In fact, that would be an ironic way for them to reach you given how many online tools they have at their disposal!

If you get an unsolicited phone call from Google, it’s not worth your time. #business #biztips #smallbiz #smb #smallbusiness Click To Tweet

I can tell you I personally saw an uptick in calls from “Google” when I had a phone number listed on Yelp.  There were many downsides of this for me, since I only set up an account on Yelp initially to support clients.  I set up my account and got a ton of calls from fake Google.  I took my number down, and they immediately stopped.  Do I know for sure that these events were linked?  Not necessarily, but it’s worth considering if it makes sense for your business just to direct people to a website instead.

Yes, sometimes companies cold call you and that is truly a representative of their company trying to reach you.  They may even have something great to tell you about.  If you have done some work to think about the big picture of your marketing plan, it will make it far easier to decide if these opportunities are a good investment for you or not.  When someone calls you from any company, it is your role as a business owner to decide if what they are offering can truly be helpful to your business.

That said, when you receive a phone call from Google, I suggest you hang up the phone.  In my experience, these callers don’t even have a “do not call list” to put you on.  And that’s a clue for you, too!

So, if you got a phone call from Google recently and are wondering if you missed a great opportunity – or already accepted it – keep this advice in mind!  Whoever is calling you is very likely not representing Google at all!

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