If you use Facebook as a marketing tool for your business, you should get the most out of it for the time you spend.  There is a lot of Facebook best practices advice out there in the world about how many times a day you should post, what you should post, when you should post. But in my opinion, the most impactful marketing for your business on Facebook is ENGAGING as your business page.

Before we talk about what that means, let’s talk about why I am suggesting it.

I spend a great deal of time on Facebook observing countless business pages, especially pages of small businesses and microbusinesses.  The average page has a high frequency of posts and minimal or no engagement.  These pages have a clear emphasis on what is being posted rather than how to develop a conversation from it.  As a result, the conversations do not happen, and the pages look like they do not have people following them.

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My conclusion is that – even if your posts are smart, compelling, selling-without-selling posts (read here to learn all about the type of posts that attract an audience) – you can’t build an engaged and loyal audience on posting alone.

This is where engaging as your business comes in.  Engagement on Facebook includes likes (or other reactions), comments, or shares on posts.  That list is in order of impact.  On Facebook, when it comes to post visibility, likes give some additional reach, comments give more, shares give the most reach.  If you engage as your business, this means that when you engage your profile is set to your business page’s profile so that every time you like, share, or comment on a post you are marketing your business name and linking back to your own business page.

As a business owner on Facebook, there are two components to engaging as your business page.  The first is to go to OTHER business pages and engage as your page.  The second is to engage with visitors on your own page.

Engaging As Your Business On Other Pages

Engaging as your business is an effective way to organically grow your Facebook reach.  It is a long-term strategy, but it gets results.  When you consistently engage with other business pages – especially pages that are not getting a ton of engagement – the admins tend to notice that your business name comes up over and over again in notifications.  Eventually, a good percentage of admins will wander over to your page to check it out and like and comment on some of your posts.

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Why is this helpful?  You see, Facebook notoriously has a tendency to limit the initial reach of posts from business pages.  That post you just ran with the thought-provoking quote?  Facebook might show that to 2-4% of the people who have liked your page.  However, as soon as people start to engage with your post, Facebook shows it to more and more people because there is now evidence that the post is worthwhile.  This means that cross marketing with other business pages can make a big difference on your post reach over time if you develop some good partnerships.

How do you engage as your business page?  This question comes up often.  There are two different options I recommend.  One option is to bookmark the pages you want to follow.  Try bookmarking 3-5 for each day of the week in a separate folder for each day.  On each day, visit those pages.  Caveat: If you do it this way, when you visit the pages your settings default to your PERSONAL profile.  So, for each and every post that you like, share, or comment on, you will have to change the setting of that post to your business profile.  The two screenshots below should help walk you through it.  You will see that there is a drop down list at the bottom right under the status or image of the post.  That drop down is where you choose which profile you want to use on each post.  The profile picture image there should match up with the profile picture shown in the comment box.

This first example below is set to my personal profile, with both profile pictures circled in red.

Engaging As Your Page on Facebook - Changing Your Profile Settings 1

You will see in this second example that I have changed the profile to my business page.  The circled images have changed.

Engaging As Your Page on Facebook - Changing Your Profile Settings 2


The second way you can engage as your business page is a little harder to control if have specific partners you want to follow.  However, it is a way to cut out the step of having to change your profile setting each time you engage.

First, whenever you see a business page you want to engage with, like it as your business page with the drop down arrow as you see below:

How to Like a Facebook Page as Your Business Page

Then, whenever you want to engage as your business page, go to your business page.  Click on “See Pages Feed” in the tool bar to the right of your posts, as circled below:

How to Like Pages as Your Business Page on Facebook - See Pages Feed

Once you are on this “See Pages Feed” page, you will see a list of all the pages you have ever liked as your page.  On this screen, your default setting for engagement is as your business page.  Now you can like, comment, and share to your heart’s content without having to change settings.  Like your personal feed, Facebook shows you what it wants to show you and what you seem to have engaged with before, so keep that in mind if there is a specific business you want to support.

Engaging As Your Business On Your Own Page

This is a simple point, but worth saying.  If someone comments on your page, comment back.  It is an opportunity to get a conversation going.  I have converted many leads by responding to people while they were on my page and even created some friendships.  If someone shares a post of yours, acknowledge it in some way.  If you have people who like your posts a lot, acknowledge them in some way.

And the more you can run posts that are designed to attract people and start conversations, the more engaging you will be able to do.  People like to see that there is a real person operating the page.  They will lose interest if there is no evidence of human interaction.

If you follow these tips for engaging as your business page on Facebook, you will notice a difference over time!

And if you are using Facebook for marketing your business, I recommend you check out this Facebook Engagement Bootcamp. Use this resource to build your Facebook engagement and conversions in eight weeks!