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The Melissa Forziat Events and Marketing Guest blog is a place for small business owners to learn from other small business owners through stories and advice based on their personal experiences along their entrepreneurial journey.

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Why Small Businesses Need to Learn to Love Business Operations

This week's guest post comes from Alexandra Suchman, founder of AIS Collaborations. My clients tend to be creative, passionate, right-brained thinkers for whom words like “operations,” “systems”, and “infrastructure” are like nails on a chalkboard. [...]

How Networking Is Like Dating

This guest blog post comes from Nicole Ratner, CAE, CMP.    Like a personal relationship, networking groups should be an easy conversation between people and leave you wanting to get together again to learn more. [...]

Transparency as a Business Owner

This week's guest post comes from Caroline Johnson, Founder of Line Writing Co. Being a business owner is tough. There are constant demands to not only complete what you have set out to do, but to [...]

Office Reset

Check out this great guest post from Darlene Illig on how to organize your office. Living organized can only happen with good systems in place. Ideally, these are put into place to help one be [...]

Becoming Extraordinary: Rising Above Your Limits

What do you think makes a person extraordinary? Most of us believe that the inherent gifts and talents found in extraordinary people are what makes them extraordinary. But it is so much more than that! [...]