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The Melissa Forziat Events and Marketing Guest blog is a place for small business owners to learn from other small business owners through stories and advice based on their personal experiences along their entrepreneurial journey.

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I know WHAT to do but HOW do I get started?

Enjoy this week's guest post from Britt Sullivan on taking the next step in your business. You’ve worked hard to learn all this great info on how to start or run your business successfully. You [...]

Getting Started With Etsy

Thinking of starting an Etsy shop? This week's guest post from Leah of Boynton Fly Away Studio will help you get started. Owning and running an Etsy shop is a thrilling experience. I have to [...]

What to Wear to Work – When You Work at Home

This guest post from Regina Ackley is perfect advice on dressing for success when working from home. I’ve been a work from home professional for over eight years now. I started out working for different [...]

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