Becoming Extraordinary: Rising Above Your Limits

What do you think makes a person extraordinary?

Most of us believe that the inherent gifts and talents found in extraordinary people are what makes them extraordinary. But it is so much more than that! Extraordinary people accept what they have been gifted and feel gratitude for these gifts. More importantly, they cultivate and nourish the environment within themselves so that their gifts and talents can expand into the fullest expression of their essential nature. There are many ways extraordinary people go beyond the ordinary. Through their personal and professional interactions, they find ways to utilize their gifts to propel themselves into the future they desire.

Challenging Limiting Beliefs

Fulfilling one’s vision for their career isn’t based on action alone. It is based on a multitude of actions that come from cultivated awareness. Extraordinary people willingly challenge limiting beliefs that interfere with the fullest utilization of their gifts and talents. They don’t accept that things that are perceived to be out of their reach are off limits. They know there is effortless access to a wisdom far beyond their comprehension. Extraordinary people also know it is readily available only by getting out of their own way, which tends to be the most difficult part.

Extraordinary people willingly challenge limiting beliefs that interfere with the fullest utilization of their gifts and talents. Click To Tweet

In 2012, I wrote a book called Dilemmas of Being in Business. It is about extraordinary people meeting ordinary experiences and being stymied and stumped about their predicaments, just like us ordinary folk. What I found was striking. The difference between “them” and “us” is that they willingly penetrate and explore the edge of reason of their current paradigm. They face personal demons in dilemmas that surface throughout everyday life. But they choose to see things differently so their desires and dreams may be realized.

Being Curious

It isn’t that extraordinary people are fearless and courageous beyond measure. It’s that they are curious to know what lies beyond the signpost that reads: “DANGER: DO NOT ENTER.” They want to expand their repertoire and capacity to choose differently when facing unknown territory and dead ends. Extraordinary people comprehend that there is a wisdom beyond their own level of expertise. A wisdom that will guide and assist them into more expansive and effective leadership. Just like the rest of us, they are scared; however they act regardless of the fear.

The Way I See it

As a Life and Business Coach, I see my clients as extraordinary people. Each invests in expanding their breadth of wisdom. They bring their fullest expression of essential self to their profession and to their life in general. Each client is engages in high-stakes ventures. They understand that in order to fulfill their mission, they have to think outside of their current paradigm. They’ve chosen to hire a thinking partner (me) who will support and empower them to generate the outcome of their vision. However, this is only possible by cultivating intelligence. This practice supports the removal of archaic beliefs and interpretations regarding who they are and what they are doing in the world of business.

How will you help yourself get out of your own way?
How will you be curious?
Will you challenge limiting beliefs and truly learn to believe you are extraordinary?

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