Check out this great guest post from Darlene Illig on how to organize your office.

Organizing Your Office

Living organized can only happen with good systems in place. Ideally, these are put into place to help one be more productive while making day to day life a little easier. When life gets busy, it’s the systems we created that keep everything in order.  An organized system in an office would likely allow for ease in finding items while keeping one on task in numerous ways, leading to greater productivity.

An organized system in an office would likely allow for ease in finding items while keeping one on task in numerous ways, leading to greater productivity. Click To Tweet

As with everything, an organizing system requires periodic maintenance. The frequency is dependent upon the user as well as the intended purpose for the office. Below is the real life example of this Professional Organizer tackling the much needed maintenance.

I stumbled into my home office after a week of busy and did a double take. Where did all of this paper come from?  I just did the filing last week! Oh, I don’t have time to tackle this… sound familiar??

Organizing my office moved to the top of the priority list because there were things I needed to take care of in a timely manner if I could only find them!

As a Professional Organizer, I help countless people get their stuff in order. Now it would appear I am in need of an organizer! I had to be the organizer for myself because I didn’t have time to get one of my organizer friends into my mess.

Here’s my method:

  • Step 1: Turn on the music, in my case it was a podcast. Listened to this fictional crime story called, Dirty John done by a LA Times reporter.  This was a 6 episode podcast so it gave me plenty of time to get my project done.
  • Step 2: Eliminate distraction. I had to schedule myself “off” to the rest of the world. FOCUS is the name of the game!
  • Step 3: Sort through the paper and create separate piles: Shred, Toss, Keep
  • Step 4: Organize the Keep pile by topic (that works best for me but you can use whatever resonates best with you). I had one client who organized the bills in red folders because that is what caught her attention. This should be whatever works for YOU in the organizing process. Retention is critical in any organizing system. How will you find this ___________? How long will you keep__________?
  • Step 5: Complete the shred right there and then because I have a shredder plus I need to complete this task without any loose ends. If you don’t have a shredder there are options: UPS store will charge you by the pound. There are companies that will come to you, but you pay by weight. Check in your community for local shred events. You can purchase a shredder for $30 on Amazon. Remove any trash from the room at this time. The idea is that this room is completely decluttered. Leaving behind any unfinished tasks for this project are counterproductive.

There are times, even with organized systems that clutter can rear its ugly head. There is no need to deviate from the designed organizing system. This is the perfect opportunity  to dig in and remember how good it feels to be able to find things when you need them. Try to focus on the times when productivity has been at its highest during the organizing process. This will help you to remain motivated. Living organized is definitely a process worth living.

Happy organizing,
Darlene Illig
Organize You Inside and Out
Illig Enterprises, LLC

Darlene IlligDarlene Illig is a wife, and mom of 4 children who finds God as her foundation each and every day. She has had a lifelong desire to teach. After going from her own struggle with clutter, chaos and disorganization to living organized, it seemed natural to combine the two. She began her Professional Organizing business, Organize You Inside and Out to inspire, educate and motivate others along their organizing journey.

The mission of the company is to offer people support and customized solutions to living organized. Each journey is unique. With Darlene’s knowledge and personal experience the organizing process is non-judgmental, empathetic and productive. She is happy to work with all types of spaces, personal or business and is excited to offer Virtual organizing. Organizing virtually is one one through FaceTime or Skype to assist the do- it -yourself kind of person through any part of the organizing process. Always trying to meet people where they are and helping them forward to living an organized life.