It can be tough juggling your home life and business, but this week’s guest blog from Meredith Raber has some great tips on how!

Running your own business is a serious undertaking, but so is raising your family. Many might think trying to do both at the same time is crazy, but it can be done and provide the fulfillment you are looking for.

Here are my 5 tips to keeping you on top of your business game while fulfilling your family responsibilities.

Plan Ahead.

Take an hour on Sunday each week to plan out the week ahead. Look at your to-do list and meetings you have as well as any family commitments you need to attend. Knowing what is coming up will help you anticipate needs for the week as opposed to learning you have to bring cupcakes to a school function at 10 p.m. the night before.  I also meal plan and grocery shop for the week based on our schedule.

Time Block.

When balancing your business and family it’s essential to use every minute you have and be efficient with all your time. Time blocking is setting aside an amount of time for specific tasks. I time block my week down to what exercise classes I will be taking while adding the week’s expenses to my accounting program to make sure I can fit it all in and nothing falls through the cracks. I use google calendar but any digital calendar will work.

Please see an example below.


  • 9-10am Client status call
  • 10-11am Create newsletter content
  • 2-3pm Schedule social media for the week
  • 3-3:30pm Invoice weekly clients
  • 5-6pm Spin class

Getting Help.

Depending on the age of your children you may need to get a babysitter or nanny during certain work hours if your children are not in school yet. If you are working from home having designated work times, even if it’s only a couple hours a day or a week, is essential to building your business. If you are not yet at the point in your business of being able to hire childcare, consider waking  up before the kids do and work when they go to bed. I did this during the first year of my business, and although it was hard, it paid off. I carved out my own time to focus.

Work Time is for Work.

It’s easy to get distracted and off task, especially if you are working from home. Make sure to focus on work tasks during your designated work time and don’t start down the social media rabbit hole or household chores. Turn off your notifications and don’t check your email box unless its part of the project you are working on.

Creating Boundaries.

Establishing boundaries within your business that coincide with your family values and goals is imperative to balancing work and family. These guidelines will be different for everyone, but below are some examples for your reference:

  • I will not take client calls after 6 p.m. so I can enjoy dinner and bedtime with my family
  • I only schedule meetings when my children are in school during the hours of 8 a.m. -2 p.m.
  • I can work on the weekends because it’s my partner’s day with the children
Establishing boundaries within your business that coincide with your family values and goals is imperative to balancing work and family. Click To Tweet

If you establish these boundaries from the start and are upfront with your clients, they will respect and follow them. And if they don’t, they aren’t your ideal clients. Not every day will go like clockwork but these 5 tips will help with the balancing act.

Meredith is the owner of Meredith Raber Virtual Assistant Services where she offers peace of mind for business owners whose to-do list can be overwhelming and seemingly never ending.  Her goal is to become a partner in building up your business while alleviating the burden of day-to-day tasks. This allows you to focus your energy on the core of your business.

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