This week’s guest blog is from Paige Donnelly, owner of Emerald Infotainment Specialists.

You may be asking yourself, “what would be the point of starting a business if no one understands it?”.

I often get questions like this and it frequently makes me question my own sanity!  When you have a business concept that people struggle to understand, often times it is only because it is such a new idea that it is difficult for people to find something similar in their minds to which they can relate. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Do you think Mark Zuckerberg was easily understood when first presenting the concept of Facebook to others? The more likely scenario is that Zuckerberg’s sanity was questioned, but luckily for us Facebook-lovers of the world, Zuckerberg proceeded forward (and the entity he has built has made him billions).

Although this thought may encourage you to move forward with your not-so-easily understood business idea, be warned that your journey will not be without obstacles. Obviously, anyone who is attempting to start their own business faces obstacles, but the obstacles are much more difficult to navigate when there is no prior example or story of someone who successfully overcame them. Because of the many “new ideas” that have become massive successes in recent years, it is obviously not an impossible task, but be warned that this type of business endeavor will take more drive and courage than most.

So where do you begin?

This thought has raced through my mind countless times as I created my “infotainment training program”. You can already see from the description of the business that it is one that will not be so easily understood–it is rare that I come across someone who even knows what the word “infotainment” means! Infotainment is an automotive term for the touchscreens and technologies inside of vehicles. I am a millennial and I have worked in sales my whole life; most of my time in sales was selling mobile phones, but I dabbled in selling cars for about a year as well. During my time selling cars, it became apparent to me that there is a major disconnect between the sales representatives selling these vehicles and the technological systems and touchscreens inside of the vehicles. Thus, Emerald Infotainment Specialists was born, a program to train car dealership staff on properly operating and demonstrating to customers the touchscreens in the vehicles they sell.

When deciding whether or not to move forward with a new business idea, a great question to ask yourself is “What problem does this solve?”. If you can come up with a genuine and legitimate answer to this question, even if your business may not be easily understood at first, it is a good indicator that you are on the right path.

When deciding whether or not to move forward with a new business idea, a great question to ask yourself is “What problem does this solve?”. Click To Tweet

The next logical step, then, is formulating exactly how this problem will be solved. Because there probably is not going to be another business for you to model after or gather information from, it’s important that you at least have some set purpose or goal in mind that will be the desired achievement of the business. This gives you an “end destination,” and the ability to start creating a roadmap to get there. Working backwards is an extremely helpful tool for situations such as this. Working backwards has been imperative for me in creating multiple aspects of my business. When deciding pricing, I first decided how much I would like to bring in within an entire year. I then broke that down to see how much I would need to make a month in order to achieve this goal, and then broke that month into days. Seeing how much you need to make in a day in order to achieve your goal gives you a much firmer grasp of what type of pricing you should be putting in place. I worked in the same fashion when creating my sales process- starting with “the client says yes and signs the agreement” and working backwards from there… what would happen right before the client says yes? Before that? Before that?

Creating a business with a fresh new idea is definitely not easy, but clearly not impossible either. Persistence, a desire to do good, and creative thought processes are all monumentally helpful attributes to have when creating a business that, let’s face it, no one really understands! The good news is, with time and dedication, you will eventually get your message across, and the satisfaction of creating a business that is completely original is a satisfaction not easily met from any other type of business venture.

Paige Donnelly is the sole founder and current owner of Emerald Infotainment Specialists. She has an extensive background in mobile technology and sales, as well as experience in the automotive industry. Thus, Emerald Infotainment Specialists combines these skill sets to create a unique yet essential training program that can focus on both sales oriented dealership services and hands on, friendly consumer services.