This week’s guest post is from Rachael Jencks. Enjoy!

Time management is a topic that affects us all.  I recently took a poll in my ‘Moms on the Rise’ Facebook Group and this topic was ranked number 1 when it came to struggles faced by the female entrepreneur.  All those who responded said something similar to “There is just not enough time in a day.”

I personally have spent many restless nights feeling like I just did not have time for it all.  Wishing that I just had more time.

My clients often ask…How can I create more time?  How can I manage the time I do have better? Is there a way to do it all and still have time for my family?

After many years of trial and error and consuming a ton of information about the subject, I have come to my own truth about time management and what we can do to create more time.

ALL of us have enough time to do ALL the things but…you need to create the space to make it happen.  How do you do this? Conduct a Time and Space Audit. This is the first step in creating more time for yourself.

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I can already hear you saying that you do not have time to do this but the truth is that you do not have time NOT to do it. Are you ready?

Get out a pen and paper and let’s get to it.  At the top of the paper write “Time and Space Audit” and let’s dive in.

Step 1 – The Choice

It all starts with a choice.  You can decide that you have enough time.  You can also decide that you don’t. Which do you choose?

Start by making the decision that you have an abundance of time.  That mindset shift will get you in the right energy for making the time and space.

At the top of your paper write:

Time is an abundant resource and I always have enough time.

Step 2 – Priorities

If you do not make something a priority, it will not happen.  At least not when you want it to. End of story. Take a long hard look at what you are making a priority in your life.  For example, if you want to write a book but you feel like you never have the time to sit down and actually write it, chances are you are not making it a priority.  What if you made the book the first thing you worked on each day? You will move it closer to completion.

The fact is that if something is not a priority, you will not do it.  When you decide that something is a priority, it is going to come first in this new space.  It all comes down to a decision.

Where to start?  

Get out that pen and paper and write down all of the things that you want to do that you feel that you never have time for.  Then start with just one of those items and make it the first thing you do each day. If that thing is exercise, get up and do that first thing in the morning.  If it is writing a blog post, do that as soon as you sit down in front of your laptop before you check social media or your e-mail.

Each week add another one of those priority items and soon you will find that you have time for it all and that you are doing more of the things that really matter and less of the stuff that doesn’t.

Do the things that you don’t think you have time for FIRST!

Step 3 – Boundaries

This is an area that we all struggle with.  We want to be able to do everything for our families, our businesses, our homes, and ourselves.  This means that we rarely say no to things because we do not want to upset anyone. This leaves us overbooked and stressed with no time to do the things that we need to drive our own businesses forward.  

The fact is that by saying yes to everyone else, we are saying no to ourselves.  This practice means that we are constantly giving away our space to other people.  If we give it away, we can’t possible have enough time and energy to do the things that matter to us.  

What to do?  Decide what your boundaries are. Do it now.  Start making a list on that paper that you have in front of you.  

Here are a few examples:

Can you say no to the volunteer activities at school?

Can you say no to babysitting for a friend when you really have a ton of other things to do?

Can you tell your employees/team that you are unavailable for 3 hours in the afternoon so that you can have focus time?

Can you tell your kids that you get 45 minutes each morning alone so that you can work out?

Can you tell your clients that you do not respond on weekends but that you will be happy to give them an answer on Monday?

I bet you can – your priorities and your success necessitate setting boundaries!

Bottom line…it is ok to say NO to others so that you can say YES to yourself!

Step 4 – Create Systems

Once you create the space you discovered by setting priorities and boundaries, you can now create systems so that you can get necessary tasks completed more quickly!  

When you take the tasks that you do on a regular basis and do them efficiently then you are going to create even more time and space for yourself!

If you want to learn more about how to create systems that will create more space in your day, download my free Creating Systems Cheat Sheet and Audio.

The bottom line is that time management is not really about time at all.  It is about creating space for the things that you need to do to meet your goals in a way that feels REALLY good and leaves you time to be present with your family!


Rachael is a mom of 6 children who is the founder of 2 online businesses.  She went to school for a LONG time to discover that she did not want to be stuck in an office and wanted to have the freedom to chase after her kids.  She is an attorney and CPA so she helps her clients with business strategy along with legal, accounting, and tax issues. Time management is something that she has studied extensively so that she can not only make space for her business and family but can help her clients with that as well.  

You can find her at her website and on Instagram.