If you have a business, you need customers.  It may seem like any customer is a good customer at first.  The truth is that you have at least one type of ideal customer.  Knowing your target market is important for the long-term success of any business, so you can reach out specifically to those leads.  But, there is another prong to the approach.  Besides going to the right customers, how do you attract the right customers to come to you?  This series is about just that…how to attract the right customers.

In the coming weeks, we are going to look at some different ways that your brand can attract the right customers.  The first one to start with is defining the values of your business.

Values shouldn’t just be some random adjectives that are sitting on a page of your website and forgotten.  Values are the guiding principles of how your business operates.

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In most cases, customers have options when they are looking for any given product or service.  Your business probably has competitors.  And one of the things that can set your business apart is telling the potential customers what it would be like to work with you.  What you stand for.

If your business values match what the customer wants to experience, the customer will gravitate towards you.  If you define your values clearly, you can attract the right customers with them.

If you define your values clearly, you can attract the right customers with them. #smallbiz Click To Tweet

How do you define the values of your business?  Your approach may depend on how big your team is.  If you are a solopreneur, any exercise that allows you brainstorm the key principles of your work is useful as long as it fosters a creative atmosphere for you.  Alternatively, for those who have multiple people on the team, this is something that should be reflective of a group discussion.  Here are a couple of exercises you might use:

  • Individual Exercises to Identify Company Values
    • Try a free-writing exercise.  Jot down bullet points of words that are meaningful to you. Start by listing 10-12 words that mean something to you, then pare down to three or four.  The process of deciding which ones are most important may be informative.
    • Imagine that a reviewer went around interviewing your customers about their experiences with your business. What would you want your customers to say?  Again, try making a list of 10-12 things you would love for them to say.  Afterwards, put a star next to the top three.
  • Group Exercises to Identify Company Values
    • Have each individual on your team write down three values that they believe the business represents. Collect the results and tally up what answers were given.  Discuss the results as a group.  This exercise gets the honest opinions of the individuals without interference from the group.
    • Get your whole group together. Have everyone brainstorm aloud the values that they think are important, with someone writing all the ideas for everyone to see.  Then, have each member of the group visibly assign a sticker, a star, their initials, or some other indicator to the three values that resonate the most of all the ones mentioned.  Once everyone has made their selections, discuss the findings as a group.  It may surprise you.

Alternatively, if you are getting stumped trying to think of ideas off the top of your head, here is a good list from Threads to get you started.

Whatever system you use to uncover the core values of your business, the important thing is that those values are authentic.  This is not about what you wish you represented.  It is about what you actually represent.  What your customers are going to see in every interaction with you.  This includes every blog post, advertisement, customer service call, delivery, etc.  Whether the company is made up of one person or 1000 people, the customer needs to know that whoever they deal with is going to be a reflection of the core values of the company.  When the values of your business are showcased in this way, you will attract the right customers over time.

It is great to have values listed in a values statement on a website.  But values are ever present in the way your business operates.  The way your employees walk and talk.  The way you treat your team.  The way you fulfill orders.  If you are clear in the values you represent, you will attract the right customers to your business.

In part 2 of this series, we are going to talk about how to use Tone of Voice to Attract the Right Customers. Click here to read on!