A few weeks back, I was invited to be a guest on a webinar with an established professional figure in my industry. While of course I was extremely flattered, I found myself panicking inside. What would I say? How would I say it? The webinar was focused on writing the “About Me/Us” page on a business website. Funny enough, this is actually my favorite service I offer. While I can do it seamlessly for others, I found myself a little “stuck” when it came to communicating the process or how I do that for myself. 


As someone who writes about other people for a living, I finally found myself in my clients’ shoes. I finally found myself at a point where I didn’t know what to say about myself or how to say it. The thing is, none of us really enjoy writing about ourselves. While it can be fun to share insights or to get the chance to humbly brag a little bit, it can also be extremely daunting. There’s a fine line between oversharing and not sharing enough, and it can be such a hard balance to find.


How I Started Getting Comfortable


When it came time to prepare for the webinar and what I was going to say, I started talking to myself. In fact, I started recording myself. That’s right – I started having conversations with myself as my phone recorded this encounter. While it felt weird at first, it started flowing. My thoughts, ideas, and words came out so naturally. It was then that it hit me: this was going to be my way to get comfortable talking about myself.


When we meet someone at a networking event or at the grocery store and they ask what we do, we often know the answer. Maybe we’ve even practiced this same elevator pitch over and over again in our minds. But when it comes to writing out those words and putting them onto paper (well, virtually), why do we freeze up?


Recording Our Thoughts


What I found the most helpful about recording my thoughts was playing it back and writing it down. I found myself writing down complete sentences, barely even editing out any words or thoughts. While of course there are applications that do this talk-to-text transcription for you, there’s something introspective about doing it for yourself. I began hearing the places where my passion poured out like a waterfall and the places where I could tell I’m still not completely confident. I began hearing the small, subtle tones of my voice as they changed throughout my thoughts.


After listening and writing it down, I was done. I knew what I wanted to say. I just had to say it out loud to nobody (aside from myself) first. I just had to say it in a way that was free from pressure, stress, and high expectations. 


Get Comfortable


In order to get comfortable talking about ourselves, maybe we first have to get comfortable talking to ourselves. It can be hard to view ourselves as experts in what we do, especially when it comes to presenting ideas to an audience, writing our own website content, or crafting a blog to share with our followers. I’d love to encourage you to own your experience, own your voice, and get familiar with it. Be comfortable with your own voice like you’re comfortable with the voice of a friend or an industry icon you follow. 


A Bonus to Recording Content


I would be doing a disservice to you if I didn’t get on my copywriting soapbox for a moment and talk about how this can change your written-content-game as well. Having these thoughts, ideas, or stories recorded gives you that AUTHENTIC kind of content that you’re always looking for. It gives you website content, blog content, social media content, and everything else in between. The content is already there, it’s already recorded. All you have to do is listen back and type it out, changing it a bit to fit each scenario.


Another bonus to recording your expertise and thoughts is that you can use it to re-energize yourself. As entrepreneurs, we hit ebbs and flows in our businesses. Sometimes we need that reminder about the things we get excited about. Somedays I need to look back and reminisce on my nerves and excitement leading up to that webinar. 


My Challenge to You


Before you start writing that next blog post or preparing for that next speaking gig, record yourself talking. If it helps, you can pretend like you’re speaking to an audience. Have that conversation with yourself. When you listen back, listen to your voice. Listen to the inflections, tones, and the excitement that surrounds certain things you say.


 Get comfortable listening to yourself. It will help you get comfortable talking about yourself, and then WRITING about yourself. 


You’ve got this. Be your own biggest fan, your own business best friend, and your own accountability partner. Your voice has more power than you may think. 


About the Author: Caroline Johnson is the Founder of Line Writing Co. and provides branding-focused copywriting services to small business owners around the world. After breaking free from her 9-5 job, she began her journey to crafting engaging and purposeful content that goes beyond just sharing information. Utilizing the art of storytelling and always integrating the art of human connection, Caroline’s goal is to allow small business owners to discover how capable and amazing they really are…they just sometimes need an outside perspective to see it! Caroline works from her home office accompanied by her FURever-employee-of-the-month, her dog, Tucker. You can find her online or on Facebook.