How to Win at Social Media Course

Maximize your engagement and conversions.

Social media marketing isn’t just for businesses that have a ton of money to spend on advertising.  You can have a strong social media presence, generating traffic and conversions ORGANICALLY!

Create conversation around your brand and start filling your sales pipeline.

This 5-week online course will show you how.


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Very helpful! I love Melissa’s out-of-the box, budget-friendly ideas advice for creating a winning social media strategy. The exercises really helped me figure out who I want to be talking to and then showed me the best ways to communicate with them.


Elissa Fesyk, Fesyk Marketing and Events

Of all the social media marketing trainings I’ve done (and that’s a lot), I think this course is by far one of the most comprehensive. In just a few hours of work, small business owners will have the exact steps needed to develop a social media marketing strategy that works, and put it into action immediately.

Jennifer Finney, Brazosport College SBDC

Social media is a really tough space for small businesses.  The competition for your audience is constant, and big companies are paying big money to get ahead.

But you can get the edge.

I believe that you can successfully market on social media without spending money on ads.  I know, because I do it.

Social media gives you the opportunity to share the story of your brand, build your reputation, create discussion, and share goodwill that will pay dividends for your business.  And all of this can translate to new leads and – ultimately – sales.

“How to Win at Social Media” guides you in creating a long-term strategy for social media marketing that will allow you to build relationships, position your brand, become an authority, and get followers into your pipeline.   Organically.

Whether you are new to social media, frustrated with social media, confused about social media, or just looking for more ideas how to use social media, this course is your next step.

What will you learn in this course?

Where to find your target markets on social media

Tools for using social media to share the story of your brand

How often to post and what to post

Techniques for driving traffic and conversions

Tricks for creating consistent engagement and reach for your posts

I work with microbusiness owners and those who are being careful about the budget they spend.  Is that you?  If so, you’re probably wondering what you will get from this course.  I want you to know that I loaded in a ton of content, and here is what you will get:

5 learning modules

7 video presentations

8 guided exercises

7 additional resources and blogs

Are you right for this course?  I designed this course with a certain type of person in mind, so let’s see if this describes you:

You are ready to accept that social media marketing is a long-term endeavor and a good plan will pay dividends OVER TIME.

You are open to spending time on social media regularly in order to build conversation and nurture relationships.

You are ready to put in work to move your marketing plan forward.  You could go through these exercises quickly, but you will get the most from this course if you are ready to dedicate time, effort, and energy into each guided step.

You want a DIY approach to learning, but you want something structured.  If you aren’t ready to work with a coach one-on-one, and your efforts to search for information online aren’t quite enough, this course was created to be your middle ground.  Not only do you get presentations and exercises, but I break everything down in videos and instructions to help you move forward.

You want to learn from me.  Let me tell you my goals.  I want to empower you.  I want to guide you.  I want to encourage you.  I am kind of intense about helping microbusinesses succeed, but once you get to know me you’ll get the full advantage of my comedic flair.  I am dedicated to helping those who want to help themselves.  If that is you, I would love to work with you!

YES! I am ready to enroll and want to take the next step in my marketing!

Get the equivalent of dozens of hours of coaching.  Save thousands of dollars in the process.

Use this course to help you create a winning social media marketing strategy now!

I'll be here when you're ready

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