How to Win at Social Media (even with no budget!) – Free Webinar

How to Win at Social Media (even with no budget!) – Free Webinar 2017-09-27T08:58:26+00:00

Are you a small business owner on a budget?
Are you marketing your business on social media?
You don’t want to miss this webinar!

Learn my social media secrets, including how I built an awesome, supportive, engaged Facebook community of over 9,100 without paying for likes and spending less than $100 in Facebook ads a year.

More importantly, learn how you can do it, too.

FREE Webinar: Tuesday, October 17 from 11am-12pm Pacific

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“You give one of the clearest approaches to online marketing that I’ve seen; and I’ve seen many! Far too many presenters seem to create more confusion and I’ve always wondered if they themselves were also confused or didn’t organize well or used the confusion as an opportunity to sell the need for specialized help.”

Mary Hott, Business Coach, West Virginia SBDC


“Melissa helped the Michigan SBDC provide over 260 training seat hours for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Attendees of the marketing webinars have shared nothing but positive feedback, with comments such as ‘Melissa provided what I consider the best way to approach marketing in the online realm’ and ‘I really learned a lot more than I expected and appreciate the work and effort Miss Forziat and the Michigan SBDC went to present such a great webinar.’ I am grateful for the assistance Melissa offered and the passion she has for helping small businesses.”

Ian Rogers, Training Manager, Michigan SBDC


“Melissa meets business owners where they are at and uses her motivational and inspirational tone to get others excited about their lives and their businesses.”

Jen Hughes, Director of Training and Incubation, Ventures

Social media marketing seems like such a great idea when you are getting started. It is relatively easy to start a page on the platform of your choice, and it’s FREE! What’s better than free?

But then comes the complicated part. Trying to get people to pay attention to what you post. And getting them to become customers.

At this point you might start paying for ads. Some people abandon it altogether. That free page you created that supposedly gives you access to the world might feel like it is giving you access to no one!

Social media marketing has its own set of best practices, but nobody gives you the manual when you start to tell you what they are.

And THAT is why I am offering this free webinar. In my years of experimenting with different approaches on social media, I have been learning the rules and best practices, and I want to share some of the key lessons with you.

Social media marketing is saturated with big companies that have a lot of money to put into advertising. But I believe in supporting the small business and nonprofits that have great missions and offerings and DON’T have the budget to spend to compete with those big companies.

If you are trying to succeed on social media with no budget or low budget, if you want to find your audience and get more customers and donors from the social media marketing you do, I invite you to join me on this free webinar:

How to Win at Social Media (even with no budget!)

How to Win at Social Media is right for you if:

You want to get more engagement for all of your posts

You want to convert more of your audience into customers

You want to know that your time on social media is worthwhile

You want to feel like your voice is being heard

You want to be able to do all this on a tight budget

YES! I want to learn your social media secrets. RESERVE my spot in the free webinar!