When you own a business, it may feel like a good solution to have an abundance of offerings.  With so many options, surely there is something for everyone.  However, too many choices can be a barrier for customers. When a customer is presented with too many choices, it can also play into the marketing psychology of “action paralysis.” This means delaying or preventing the sale altogether.

It is the feeling you get in a restaurant when the menu is so long you don’t know what you want.  It is a feeling I see a lot in committee meetings for events, too.  When you ask a room full of people “What kind of décor do you want?” you are in for a long session of opinions and no consensus.  However, if you present three different options, highlighting the pros and cons of each, you suddenly create a highly-specific forum for the conversation.  It gives direction to the opinions, and consensus is achieved fairly quickly.

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You may have multiple streams to your business, numerous offerings, or different target markets guiding your offerings.  It is okay to have that abundance at your fingertips.  However, in early conversations with your customer, try to narrow their choices to two or three options. Streamline your customers’ choices to what is most relevant to their pain point and preferences.  You allow them to focus their thinking and have fewer factors to weigh into their decision.

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So, this month, experiment with different ways to get that conversation going and play into marketing psychology.  Whether you ask your customer questions in-store, create a form on your web site for them to suggest what they need, offer up a 15-minute exploration call to learn more about their needs, or some other method, learning more about what your customer is looking for will help you present a limited number of options all designed to be relevant to them.

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