Continuing the four-week series on how to adapt marketing to the 4 key social styles. This week: The Amiable.

The Amiable is people-oriented, sympathetic, considerate, and supportive. They would rather work as a team than alone; to be led rather than to lead. They are trusting and warm, seeking approval and looking for guidance. They dislike risks. So, how do you best approach the Amiable in your marketing or social media? Be sensitive and patient. Show you are working with them to reach a safe decision. Don’t hit them hard with facts – instead be friendly and kind in your approach. Although they are likely to cave in if you pressure them, they will be more loyal if you work together as a team.

Each person can be a mix of styles. Consider presenting your content in different ways to speak directly to the different dominant social styles. Next week, the Expressive! Click here to read more about how to sell to the Expressive social style.