This is the last of the four-week series on how to adapt marketing to the 4 key social styles. This week: The Expressive.

The Expressive is outgoing and enthusiastic, creative and motivating. They have a lot of ideas but may not follow through to completion. They are impulsive and intuitive in decision making, sometimes without all the facts. In fact, they may get distracted when listening to details. They are confident and optimistic and hate boredom. So, how to best approach the Expressive in marketing or social media? Give them attention. Present ideas to them with creativity, variety, and a quick pace. Be flexible. And be prepared for them to attack if you stress them out.

Each person can be a mix of styles: the Driver, Analytical, Amiable, and Expressive. Try presenting your content in different ways to speak directly to the different dominant social styles.

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