By popular demand, we are doing a four-week series on how to adapt marketing to the 4 key social styles. This week: The Analytical.

The Analytical is detail-oriented and independent. They are precise, logical, and risk averse. They operate with structure and discipline, and have a tendency to prefer working on their own than with others. So, how do you best approach the Analytical in your marketing or social media? Remember that they always want to be right and make the right decision – and they WILL take time to come to that decision. Start by giving them facts – go into detail. Focus on rational reasons for buying. Appeal to the fact that they are thinking about the bottom line. Be timely, be precise. If they feel pressured to buy, they will likely either become very stubborn or withdraw entirely – so give them time with the facts you have given them, but make a clear, direct close.

Each person can be a mix of styles. Consider presenting your content in different ways to speak directly to the different dominant social styles. Next week, the Amiable! Click here to read more about selling to the Amiable social style.