As a small business owner, you are constantly pitching your products or services to potential customers.  There are many techniques you can use to make a successful marketing pitch.  One that is especially compelling is to address your ideal customers’ pain point.  Let’s look at how to address your customers’ pain point while setting yourself apart from the other businesses that resolve the same issue.

A pain point is a problem your target market typically has.  One way to make a sale is to demonstrate to your customer that your product or service can resolve or mitigate that pain point.  Acknowledging a pain point as a reality your customers face shows them that you understand them.  By explaining that you can help, you show that your business is the solution for their problem.

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In a world where you have to fight to get your audience’s attention among all sorts of other distractions, it is up to you to prove that your message is worth listening to.  When you leverage a relevant pain point in your message, your ideal customer may be triggered to keep paying attention.  From there, being clear that you can help and what kind of results they will get is how you can hold their attention.

However, there is a twist.  Your competitors resolve the same pain point.  Chances are that you have direct competitors, and they are trying to get “your” customers’ attention too.  This means that while you address a pain point you have to set your business apart somehow.  You can set your business apart by showing a different way that you do business, a different way you solve the problem, showing that you do the same thing but much better, or showing side benefits that could be of interest to your customer.

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Showing how you do business differently is one option.  This ties in to the value system of your company.  Your company values are the guiding principles of your day-to-day operations, and what you stand for could very well be something that makes you unique in your market.  Although your customer has choices in terms of how to resolve their pain point, they might be more inclined to work with you if they respect what you stand for and connect with your values.  If you have never thought through the values of your business, read more here.

Showing how you solve the problem differently could be another option.  Although you ultimately address the same issue as your competitors, you do so in a way that is unusual or innovative.  Through this angle, you sell the process AND the result.  You show how your particular approach can be a better overall experience.

Another way to set your business apart in how it addresses the pain point is to show that you get better results.  Give them the stats in a compelling way.  You can show awards or recognition.  You can point out publications or interviews that establish you as a leader in your industry.  You can use smart testimonials.  This shows a customer that – even though you have competitors – your business is at the top of the list.

Lastly, you can show that there are other problems your offering solves in addition to the main pain point.  Not only do you solve this problem, but also you do it more quickly, affordably, kindly.  Not only do you do this, but also you do that.  Your customer may have already known that they were looking to solve the first problem, but perhaps the process of trying to solve it has unearthed all kinds of other problems.  If you are able to tackle multiple issues at the same time, lead with the main pain point, but follow with the fact that are other perks.

In marketing, calling out the customers’ pain point can be an effective way to get their attention so they know your message is relevant.  However, just knowing the pain point may not be enough to set you apart from competitors.  From a positioning standpoint, showing how you are different even with the same pain point can be all the reason your customer needs to choose your business.

Always remember: your marketing message must matter to your target market. Read here for more information about that!