I get it. You don’t want to pigeonhole yourself into a target market. I have heard it many times before from business owners who feel that the very act of identifying a target market limits the volume of people who could be customers. Which also yields a limit in sales. So, when someone asks “Who does your business serve?” the safest answer seems to be, “Everybody.” Selling to everybody seems like a safe option.

The reality is that the safe answer actually gets no one’s attention. Selling to “everybody” gets you overlooked by everybody.

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Think about it. If you are in a crowded room, and someone shouts your first and last name, you will turn your head. If someone shouts just your first name, you probably still turn your head even if there could be other people with that name in the room. If someone taps you on the shoulder, you will definitely take notice. But what if someone says, “Hey, you?” Your senses may not be primed to pick that up as a message for you.

It’s the same thing with marketing. Of course, not all platforms lend themselves to calling a person by first and last name. However, the more you know about your target market(s), the more language you can drop in your marketing campaigns that make them take notice. If you focus a campaign on one target market, and use keywords that those people will identify with, you are giving them cues that the message is intended for them. So they just might do a double take. The more times you can show them that your message is relevant before another distraction comes along, the longer they will want to stay with you.  (For more on this, check out this Tip from December!)

Think of it like all humans are web crawlers. Humans identify keywords to decide if a message is relevant for them and worth investigating. By being conservative and using a message that you think could be applicable to all audiences, no one is able to pick up on the keywords that tell them the message is worth absorbing.

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So next time you craft a campaign, ask yourself exactly who your message is intended for and make an effort to communicate it clearly to them!

You need to identify your target market if you want to reach them. If you want to work on defining your target market and you sell B2B, click here!  If you sell B2C, click here!