For small businesses owners – and especially solopreneurs – personal brand and business brand can have a lot of crossover.   Which makes for an interesting question: Where do you draw the line between showing authentic personality in your brand and sharing personal information with your audience?

The answer to this question will be different for each business owner based on type of business, what the brand is about, what the target market needs to see, and personal privacy boundaries. However, there is one simple fact to remember. Once you put information about you as a person out there – it’s out there.

There are many ways to show personality in a brand without getting personal. It comes across in the content, the words, the tone you choose. It bleeds through in the use of emoticons or lack thereof. In photos. In your use of shapes, colors, or bullet points. In how structured or timely you are in your correspondence. In the platforms you choose to be on. The look, feel, and language that is used to express your brand wherever you position it is already sharing information about the personality of the business/owner.

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In some industries, sharing the right personal information can enhance the message you send to your target market. If the market is more likely to be comfortable with a certain relationship or family structure, for example, that family photo they saw may be the deciding factor in their buying decision. If a business owner went to the same school, it could be an instant connection. When you share personal stories that you are dealing with day-to-day – and it relates to the industry you are in – it can create a cohesive PSA feel in your marketing and build a bridge to the audience you want to reach. (For some thoughts on how to choose content that does this, check out this post about how to craft a great “About” page.)

So, be thoughtful about the information you choose to share about you as a person. No one is entitled to it – and you are in control of what you put out for public consumption. If you feel that sharing specific news about YOU will speak volumes to your target market – and you are comfortable to do it – you could be putting yourself in a wonderful position for your message to resonate longer and louder. If you prefer to err on the side of privacy, just remember that there are many ways to maintain your space as a person while showcasing the personality of your business.

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