Internationally renowned for her small business marketing and event expertise, Melissa Forziat has been featured in a wide array of guest blogs, articles, and podcasts all over the world!  This is a great page to take a deep dive and check out her marketing features and recent press.

Podcast Features

Blazing Women Entrepreneurs podcast

Melissa talks with host Blaze Lazarony all about creating your dream job, relationship building in marketing, and the value of social media in this fireside chat about the journey of becoming a successful woman entrepreneur.


“It was an honor to have you on my podcast talking about Events, Marketing and getting to know you personally. I look forward to seeing more of you on “the circuit,” you’re the real deal and your gifts need to be shared with the world!” – Blaze Lazarony

How to Develop a Style & Brand for Career Success

Petite2Queen podcast

“How to Develop a Style & Brand for Career Success” – How do you develop your style and brand so that you’ll succeed in your career? We cover it in this podcast. Melissa and host Lynn Whitbeck discuss pointers on making the perfect business brand and the perfect personal brand to unlock career success!


Stories Behind the Grind

Stories Behind the Grind podcast

“How to Craft an Effective Marketing Strategy” – Melissa talks with Aidan Vuocolo about making values-driven decisions in your business, ensuring that your client base is reflective of your brand, and the core elements of a good marketing plan. Or listen to How to Craft an Effective Marketing Strategy via Apple Podcasts.


Dilemmas of a Small Business Guru podcast

Melissa and host Dr. Rosie Kuhn explore the challenges and advantages of marketing a small business when you are introverted.


“Melissa is a jewel of a guest! She speaks with clear authority, based on years of experience in the international world of events. Her wisdom and smarts shine through in her presence, and her thoughtful and authentic responses.” – Dr. Rosie Kuhn

The Entrepreneur Way podcast

Melissa talks with host Neil Ball about the journey, tips, and process of being an entrepreneur and the very real challenges of small business ownership.


Massive Momentum podcast

Melissa and host Kristie Kennedy have an energizing discussion about Marketing Strategies for the Boss on a Budget.  A great podcast for small business owners trying to market their businesses strategically and effectively, especially early on in business.


Women Entrepreneurs Radio 

Melissa joins host Deborah Bailey for a great talk about the experience of small business ownership and marketing a business when you don’t have a lot of resources.


“Melissa’s willingness to share her expertise and her valuable tips kept our conversation flowing. Her small business marketing tips were straightforward and practical. I made quite a few mental notes for my own use, and I’m sure this episode will become a listener favorite. Lots of people are giving marketing advice these days, but Melissa really knows her stuff.” – Deb Bailey

Expertpreneur Radio

Melissa joins host Sheryl Wolowyk to talk about Small Business Marketing on a Budget and effectively communicating your message to address your target market’s pain points.


The Robert Plank Show

The Robert Plank Show

Melissa joins host Robert Plank to talk about live events, nonprofit fundraisers, sponsorships, partnerships, referrals and more! If you’re thinking about investing in an event this is the podcast for you.


Moment Masters Small Business Podcast 

Melissa joins host Shakira Brown for an inspiring talk about how to gain credibility when people don’t know you.



New Theory Podcast 

Melissa joins host Tom La Vecchia to talk about how she became an entrepreneur and the path she took to grow her business. This podcast has great insights into growing a business through speaking engagements and word of mouth marketing.


SEA-TOWN Podcast

Melissa joins host Christian Harris for an engaging chat about her journey to small business ownership in Seattle, and why she is passionate about helping other local small business owners achieve success.


The How of Business

Melissa joins Henry Lopez as they take a deep dive not only into Melissa’s personal story and evolution but also into how to market a business on a budget. (Marketing advice stars around 19:20.)


“It was my great pleasure to have Melissa as a guest on our podcast show. Her knowledge, experience and services are precisely what small business owners like myself, and my podcast audience, are searching for. Melissa was wonderful throughout the entire process, and she was a fantastic and dynamic guest. She made it easy for me as the host, and she shared valuable and actionable knowledge resulting in a fantastic episode that has been very popular with our listeners.  I look forward to having Melissa on our show again soon!” – Henry Lopez

The Best Business Coach Podcast

Melissa joins host Daryl Urbanski to talk about the elements of small business marketing on a budget and the importance of a strategic marketing plan.



Ready. Write. Launch!

Melissa joins host Chris Jones to talk about strategies for a better book launch. Thinking about publishing a book? This podcast is for you.

Boomtank Business ShowThe Boomtank Business Show 

Melissa joins host Carolyn Cole to talk about her entrepreneurial journey and provide sage advice for small business owners. (Skip ahead to minute 36:00 to listen to the interview.)



Webinar Replays

How to Develop Your Brand (with Michigan SBDC, must register to view)

Melissa teams up with the Michigan SBDC for a one-hour webinar on How to Develop Your Brand to attract your target market.


Smart Principles of Marketing Messaging (with Michigan SBDC, must register to view)

The second in a four-part marketing webinar series with the Michigan SBDC, addressing examples of the many ways companies can insert a message into their communications to get the attention of their target markets.


Define and Reach Your Target Market (with Michigan SBDC, must register to view)

The third in a four-part marketing webinar series with the Michigan SBDC, providing instruction on how to define and locate the target markets for your small business and then reach them most effectively.


“I really learned a lot more than I expected and appreciate the work and effort Miss Forziat and the Michigan SBDC went to present such a great webinar.” – Attendee

Building Your Online Marketing Strategy (with Michigan SBDC, must register to view)

The fourth in a four-part marketing webinar series with Michigan SBDC, providing instruction on how to build your own online marketing strategy for your small business.

Build Your Brand and Reach Your Target Market (with Michigan SBDC, must register to view) 

The first in a three-part series with Michigan SBDC, providing instruction on how to build a brand that speaks to the right audience and how to successfully reach your target markets with your message.

Create a Strong Marketing Funnel (with Michigan SBDC, must register to view) 

The second in a three-part series with Michigan SBDC, providing instruction on how to make the most of every customer in your pipeline and maximize revenue by developing a marketing funnel for your business.

Marketing Tactics: Referral Building, Partnership Marketing, and Social Media (with Michigan SBDC, must register to view) 

The third in a three-part series with Michigan SBDC, providing guidance on three different tactical approaches to marketing and how to get the most out of them for your small business.

“Melissa provided what I consider the best way to approach marketing in the online realm” – Attendee


Small Business Marketing Articles

American Family Insurance – 5 Tips for Cross Promotion With Other Businesses

Melissa joins up with other marketing professionals to divulge top tips for creating strong marketing partnerships.

Brazosport College Blog – 7 Helpful Tips for Small Business Marketing on a Budget

This blog features tips from Melissa’s eBook Small Business Marketing on a Budget in a concise, digestible article put together by Janice Goines.

Business Beyond 5 – The Art of Listening

Melissa is a regular guest blogger featured on Business Beyond 5, sharing marketing advice for small businesses in Australia and around the world.

Create You – Marketing As An Introvert

Melissa offers some great tips on how to make marketing easier for the introverted small business owner.

Daily Bits of – One Marketing Rule for Introvert Entrepreneurs: Keep It Personal

Melissa provides advice on best practices for networking as an introverted business owner.

Discover Direct Sales – Building Patience into Your Marketing Strategy

Melissa shares the importance of building patience into your marketing strategy to attract leads instead of turn them off.

Insureon – Big “Game” Hunting: A Guide for Freelancers

Melissa shares her top marketing tips for freelancers.

New Theory – 6 Key Elements to Throwing a Successful Event for Your Business

Melissa offers advice on how to create a successful event for your business.

Pinal Central – Speaker urges building partnerships to grow small business

Reflections on Melissa’s presentation to the Eloy Chamber of Commerce about the importance of building partnerships to effectively market your business.

Ventures – How Volunteering as a Marketing Coach Changed My Life and my Business

Melissa provides insight as a small business owner who grew from an event planner to a marketing consultant.


Social Media Marketing Articles

LinkedIn – Why Social Media Engagement is More Impactful than Posting

Thoughts on how to make the most of your time on social media and the impact of engaging with your audience vs. posting for them.

New Theory – 5 Key Factors for Social Media Success

There are five key factors for social media success, and knowing about these factors can help you maximize your social media marketing.

HowStuffWorks – Study Shows Pinterest Has an Anti-Vaccination Bias

Thoughts from Melissa on the power of social media to influence opinion.

National Federation of Independent Business – How to Host a Virtual Product Launch Party on Facebook 

Melissa and other marketing experts share tips on how to use social media for virtual product launch parties. – 13 ways to reboot your social media strategy

How restaurants can harness the best practices of social media to attract more customers.

Vows Magazine – Social Media Made Easier

Everything a wedding planner needs to make social media work better for their business.


Sponsorship Sales Articles

The “Association Conventions & Facilities”  – Improving Sponsorship Sales, Tried-and-True Methods to Develop Long-Term, Win-Win Partnerships 

Melissa’s tips for acquiring sponsorships for meetings and events.