Marketing Tips of the Week

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Melissa Forziat, small business marketing consultant, provides marketing tips every week and free advice to small business owners looking to grow a loyal audience.  Check out the whole collection of marketing tips by topic here!

How Many Times Do You Need To Reach Your Leads?

When it comes to marketing, I see a conflict in messaging around how quickly to expect results. On one hand, you hear about how long-term brand awareness and consistent touch points with your audience are [...]

Pacing Yourself for Your Next Marketing Event

When you plan your marketing strategy, you may find that an event (or major campaign) is a valuable feature.  This could be a fundraiser, a launch, a networking event, an appreciation event, a contest.  There [...]

Volunteer Management Tips for Your Events

When you’re using event marketing as a way to market your business, it quickly becomes clear that you need extra support to execute your project.  Many of us turn to volunteers in our times of [...]

5 Top Non-Technical Tips for Hosting a Webinar

When it comes to marketing a business and serving your clients, webinars can be the perfect solution to achieve both goals at once.  Like with any tool, there are a lot of ways to use [...]

5 Strong Words That Position You with Power

Last week we explored five weak words that sabotage your marketing power.  In marketing, sales, and negotiation, power dynamics play a huge role in the outcome.  The message you send with the words you choose [...]