Marketing Tips of the Week

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Melissa Forziat, small business marketing consultant, provides marketing tips every week and free advice to small business owners looking to grow a loyal audience.  Check out the whole collection of marketing tips by topic here!

5 Ways to Use Social Proof to Build Your Reputation

Successful businesses – no matter what type, size, or industry – have one thing in common. They stand out amongst competitors.  Standing out is what makes people choose you, buy from you, donate to you. [...]

Don’t Post and Run!

When it comes to the dos and don’ts of social media, this Marketing Tip of the Week is not just advice – it’s a PSA!  If you post and run on social media, it’s time [...]

What’s In It For Me? (Partnership Marketing)

One of my favorite types of marketing to recommend for businesses of any shape, size, or budget is partnership marketing.  Partnership marketing is all about finding meaningful ways to support each other.  Note: I say, [...]