Marketing Tips of the Week

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Melissa Forziat, small business marketing consultant, provides marketing tips every week and free advice to small business owners looking to grow a loyal audience.  Check out the whole collection of marketing tips by topic here!

5 Weak Words That Sabotage Your Marketing Power

When it comes to marketing and sales, negotiations, and relationship building in general, the words you choose to use can boost you up or cut you down.  The power dynamic of a professional relationship is [...]

How You Can Use Critiques to Define Your Brand

As a business owner, you want to put your best foot forward all the time.  You want happy customers, consistent sales, and to be proud of your work.  However, the reality of having your own [...]

The Difference Between Blogs and Newsletters

When I speak to business owners about online marketing strategies, there is a question I am asked 100% of the time.  That question is “What is the difference between blogs and newsletters?”  This is a [...]

How Often Should You Send Email Newsletters?

Many a business owner has seen the look of childlike excitement that comes across my face when I talk about newsletters.  I believe if you are doing any online marketing, event marketing, or partnership marketing, [...]

Gatekeepers Hold the Key to B2B Sales

One of the most important aspects of small business marketing strategy is having a marketing funnel that shows a clear pathway for building relationships with your leads.  In B2C sales, the funnel is often more [...]

Master the Story Arc and Increase Your Sales

Have you ever watched a movie or read a book where you felt so invested in the trajectory of the main character that you had to see how it ended?  Did you ever feel inspired [...]