Melissa Forziat Events and Marketing is an internationally-experienced small business and nonprofit event manager, working with you to deliver smooth events on budget that meet your goals and make your donors, sponsors, and attendees happy.

A great event does not come together in a day.  It takes months, sometimes years of planning.  You start with the big details and suddenly you escalate to little details and deadlines coming from every direction!  Our objective is to work with you to solidify your ideas into a cohesive event plan.  Then we work with you to implement your event so you can rest easy that your event is on track.  And when you need to be on the ground to network on the day-of, we are behind the scenes making sure everything is being managed for you.

Every business has different event management needs and budget.  If you are looking for an event manager, see below for a list of services that could be relevant for your event.

And if you want free support to help you develop a list of the tasks that need to be done for your next event, you’ll want to check out my free “Components of a Successful Fundraising Event” checklist here!

• Goal Setting, Event Strategy
• Research and Analysis
• Budget Development
• Revenue Growth Strategies, Fundraising, Sponsor Acquisition
• Developing Sustainable Partnerships
• Event Branding and Communications, Public Relations
• Sourcing and Negotiation with Venues, Suppliers, and Speakers
• Newsletter and Press Release Writing
• Volunteer Recruitment, Training, and Management
• Event Promotion, Registration Tracking
• Development of Event Deliverable and Collateral
• On-Site Project Management

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I have a significant background in Press Operations at major international sport events.

I bring an extensive array of services to the table when planning a Press Operations project, including:

event manager

• Needs Assessments
• Manual Writing
• Venue Design
• Press Operations Communications Strategies and Implementation
• Accreditation and Ticketing
• Press Conference Planning and Moderation
• Press Rate Card
• Mixed Zone / Interview Design and Management
• Volunteer Recruitment, Training, and Management
• On-Site Operational Management

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Melissa Forziat Events has worked with a wide range of clients, domestic and international, and this list is growing every day.

event manager Melissa Forziat

Some include:

• 2014-2018 Asian Hall of Fame – Seattle, Washington
• 2017-2018 Eastside Friends of Seniors Luncheon – Sammamish, Washington
• 2016 Olympic Games – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
• 2016 Northwest Sinfonietta Tempo 25 Fundraiser – Tacoma, Washington
• 2015 Pan American Games – Toronto, Canada
• 2013 Cancer Lifeline Annual Luncheon Fundraiser – Seattle, Washington
• 2012 Boeing Classic (PGA Tour) – Snoqualmie, Washington
• 2012 U.S. Olympic Trials Gymnastics – San Jose, California
• 2011 Rugby World Cup – Auckland, New Zealand
• 2010 Paralympic Winter Games – Vancouver, Canada
• 2010 Olympic Winter Games – Vancouver, Canada
• U.S. Olympic Committee International Relations (multiple events) – Colorado Springs, Colorado
• USA Judo – Colorado Springs, Colorado
• 2006 Paralympic Winter Games – Torino, Italy
• 2006 Olympic Winter Games – Torino, Italy
• 1998 Goodwill Games – New York, New York

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