It is nearing the end of the calendar year, and it’s sponsorship marketing season. If you are looking for companies to sponsor your event or project – or if yours is a company that wants to get visibility through a hosted event or project – you should be starting your outreach now if you haven’t already.

Why now? Many for-profit companies operate on a fiscal year that matches the calendar year. There are certainly exceptions to this rule, especially in particular industries, but if you are going to make a guess on when companies are looking at their budgets and strategic plans for 2016 – this is the time.

So, if you are looking for a sponsor – get your sponsorship deck ready and start your outreach.  You can find some tips for your outreach here.

If you are looking to sponsor an event or project to gain visibility to your target audience, now is the time to do your research. Spring and fall are popular seasons to host projects in most places, and you can benefit from getting in early and grabbing the sponsor opportunity that gives you the visibility you need.

Sponsorship marketing can be a great partnership solution for both the sponsor and the project/event organizer, so start your research and outreach now to take advantage of it!

Also, if you feel like you need tailored advice to help maximize your sponsorship efforts, check out my Sponsorship Marketing Master coaching package. I have brought in over $100k in sponsorship dollars to nonprofits over the years, and would like to share my wisdom with you for the benefit of your organization!