One of the most wonderful tools you have in marketing is the “About” page. When you first think about what to write, it can seem like an overwhelming blank slate. What do you put out there to represent your company and appeal to your market?  One way to look at it is that your services page shows WHAT you do, but your About page let’s you address HOW and WHY.  Here are three key elements that an About page allows you to showcase:

  • Values – What are the core values that you bring to your work? Write down the top three for yourself, and make sure to express each of these values in your About statement. Your values color HOW you work and the customer’s experience. Stating them helps draw like-minded customers to you.
  • Tone – Tone is an important element of your brand. You should convey it consistently across all of your public-facing material – including your About page. This is another way to distinguish HOW you do business that may draw customers to you. If you haven’t thought about the tone you are setting for your brand, be sure to check out the first part of my Logical marketing video:
  • Storytelling – No matter how many competitors you have, none of them has your story. WHY are you in business? What led you to start? What struggles have you overcome along the way? Your story may be the most compelling material you have to attract customers and distinguish your business in a dense market.

There are About pages on many platforms, and they are a popular page. Feeling connected to a business can be the reason we make our buying decisions.

Feeling connected to a business can be the reason we make our buying decisions. #salestips #smb Click To Tweet

When it is time to compose your About page, challenge yourself to build your content on two elements on the list of Values, Tone, and Storytelling so you can help your leads feel connected to you.

For detailed guidelines about mixing business and personal information in your brand, click here.