Let’s face it – when you have a small business, you might be your own marketing department.  Plus the legal team.  Plus the bookkeeper.  Plus customer service.  Plus human resources.  There are a lot of demands on your time.  When it comes to marketing, social media may be happening, but it’s on the back burner.  Does this sound like you?  If you’re posting infrequently on social media, let’s talk about whether it’s worth it.

I want to start with a reality check.  Marketing is like bookkeeping.  We have to be doing it constantly to keep the business healthy.  That said, there are a lot of ways to market your business.  If you want to continue to generate sales and revenue, you have to find ways to market your business that you will be able to do consistently.

Yes, consistently.

As your business grows – because of all the revenue you bring in from marketing that turns to sales – you will have more options for delegating or automating your marketing.  But, if you’re not in that position yet, start by thinking about what you can consistently do.

When I do social media workshops, I talk a lot about consistency.  Social media is inherently more time consuming than some other marketing approaches you could take.  If you are looking to market your business for free, social media is certainly one option for you.  However, it is an option that requires you to spend time if you want it to bring you results.

Social media is a relationship-building tool.  There are many platforms out there, and the landscape and features are ever-changing, but at its core social media marketing is about creating and maintaining conversations around your brand.

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If you’re on social media, you really want to think about posting at least a few times a week. We’re not talking about hitting people with sales posts all the time (READ HERE to learn about selling without selling!), we’re talking about creating conversation.  Some of the most successful small businesses I see on social media are posting several times a day.

On the flip side of this, I also see small businesses that are posting once a month.  If this is you, I want you to hear me out.  In my opinion, you are better off doing a blog on your website and not being on social media with your business.

My tin foil hat is on, and I know that not all marketers will agree with me.  But hear me out on this one!  I’ll give you five reasons why social media marketing may not be the right solution for you – and why a blog is the better way to go:

  • You’re giving a negative perception to your audience by seeming inactive. Social media is a source of buyer validation and social proof. As a consumer, if I see that you are posting infrequently and not getting much response when you do post, I assume your business is struggling.  Most of us look for validation when we make purchases.  For many of us, that involves looking for proof of public perception, including quantity and quality of reviews, active followings, and notable engagement.  Psychologically, we look for what is popular.  If you are posting rarely and getting little response when you do, you may appear to be unpopular, whether that is reality or not.
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  • You’re limiting your reach when you post rarely. On social media, people see more of what they and others are interacting with. If you are hardly ever posting, people don’t have much habit or history of viewing or engaging with your posts.  Many platforms default to showing content to a small percentage of your followers, then increasing the reach as there is more engagement.  By posting sporadically, you are setting yourself up for failure in terms of how many people will actually see it when you do post.
  • Producing content once a month is a more viable frequency for a blog published directly to your website. You can still give people a sense of your brand and something to explore.  Instead of publishing it to social media, why not just publish it to your own website? You have more to gain by doing this (see the next two points), and you have more control over your website.  Whatever types of posts you were doing on social media, use this to inspire blog content!  Want some ideas to help prevent writer’s block?  Read here!
  • Your blogs will strengthen your website. First of all, you are giving people more to explore on your website once they find you there, as well as more of a sense of your brand. Also, you’re potentially improving your search engine rankings.  Websites that are never updated would logically be considered stale and less relevant after a period of time.  Since you are regularly adding new content to your website, search engines can detect that it may be more relevant.  And, if you are using keyword phrases that speak to your audience (I recommend getting a web designer to set up an SEO plug-in so you can optimize the content in your blogs), new people may stumble onto your blogs and your website by doing a search on their favorite search engine.
  • Blogs give you content for newsletters, so you now have something to send out to your email list with a link to direct them back to your website. The more traffic you bring to your website, the better your website will rank on search engines.

If you can’t post more than every-so-often on social media, I get it.  I understand what it’s like to run a small business and the many tasks that are competing for your time.  But when people tell me that “something is better than nothing” on social media, I have to disagree.  In my opinion, something could actually be worse than nothing on social media if you are making your business seem inactive and unpopular!

If you really don’t see yourself posting regularly on social media (not to mention engaging on other pages, which I believe is an equally important part of an effective social media strategy), it’s good to recognize that.  This content is better put to use in another format, and I encourage you to start blogging instead!

If social media is where you want to be to market your business, let me help you craft a strategy that will work for you.  My “How to Win at Social Media (even with no budget!)” online course is a great DIY solution that will help you maximize your results on social media and tailor a solution that will make the most impact for your business.