Enjoy this week’s guest post from entrepreneur, Michelle K. Wood and make a decision!

Michelle K. Wood reminds us of our secret superpower. Make a decision

There’s this big, hairy-scary thing you want to do, and it keeps you awake at night.

You’re sure it’s a good idea, but…. what if it goes wrong? What if it upsets important people in your life? What if it loses money? What if it actually works; then what?

Why does taking action frequently cause so much angst? Usually because it involves other people, or a large financial investment. You don’t know how to achieve this goal, or what the outcome is going to be. You may lose friends over it, or lose money over it, or. Too many things could go wrong.

Actions have consequences, and when we can’t control or predict the outcome, we tend to avoid doing anything. Many people advise, “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” I don’t like that advice. Taking action in a state of fear often ends in making poor choices because clear-thinking is nearly impossible in that state, and poor choices lead to poor results and losses. Then starts the cycle of self-doubt and self-recrimination. There is a way to avoid that downward spiral.

Before you take action, exercise your Secret Superpower: make a decision. Any decision; big or small. The very act of making a decision will itself tell you if you are about to take the right path. It's the best secret superpower… Click To Tweet

So you make a decision, then what?

How will you know it’s the right one? Making a decision relieves the fear, the angst, the worry and doubt. The litmus test for making a decision is this: once made, you will feel relief. You will feel curiosity. You will feel excitement.

Relief changes your whole body chemistry. Stress and worry pump a lot of cortisol through your body, create muscle tension, foggy thinking, and indecision. Relief is like a wonderful breath of fresh air right after a spring rain – delicious, invigorating, inspiring, invites you to action. You sleep better at night, wake well-rested and eager to start the day. It’s like an instant cup of “I can do this!”

Curiosity is the cream in your “I can do this.”

Once you make a decision, your mind begins to look for ways to fulfill your desire. You start to notice the possibilities. It activates a sense called the Reticular Activation System. You know how, after you decide to buy a red Camaro, you suddenly see tons of red Camaros? That is your RAS. It leads you to notice all the opportunities to fulfill your desire. It delivers synchronicities straight to your door to act upon.

Excitement is the sweetener.

Once you start seeing the possibilities, you begin to take small steps that result in excellent progress which leads to self-satisfaction, self-trust, and self-confidence. This is where you are inspired to gain the skills to complete your desire or project; buy the book, take the class, attend the seminar. It’s okay if you don’t know everything you need to know at the start. Education is positive growth, and growth is priceless. After the right classes to gain the skills you need, you see even more possibilities, more help comes on board, miracles seem to happen.

This superpower became the litmus test for my own choices and challenges. I know it will work for you, too. Make a decision!

Michelle K. Wood encourages you to make a decision.

Michelle Wood began her entrepreneurial journey in 2005 when she became certified in stress relief therapy and taught meditation to private students as well as classes through a local community college and led meditations at the hospital for a few months before embarking on her trip to India. Also during that time, she wrote articles for a magazine of Chinese medicine, moved up to associate editor and ultimately served as Editor in Chief for two years. While in India, one of the things she awoke to is the delights of photography, and now offers photos for sale as stock, as fine art nature prints, and has a meditation/wellness program using natural landscape art.

Find her art online at Michelle K. Wood and Natural Healing Views