Small Business Marketing On A Budget eBook

Learn 10 marketing methods you can use today for your small business to get new customers, make more sales, and finally ditch your safety net job!

 Proven methods you can use right now to build your client list for more sales

 How to be efficient and effective on social media so you can get back to your “to do” list

 Innovative strategies for collaborating with other businesses so you can double your reach with little extra effort or cost

 Best and worst practices for marketing so you know how to attract – not repel – customers

 Over 25 pages of marketing advice for small businesses

Do you want to know how to market your business on a budget?

“I just read your free eBook on how to market your business on a budget. At first I thought…oh here we go again and wasn’t expecting much from it! Sorry…but true.  As I kept reading, I then thought….wait a minute, I can use that idea. And that one!  You have done your research and it shows! You do know what you are talking about! Thank you very much! This is going to be great!” – Tracey, Independent Tupperware Consultant

“Though the practice of marketing yourself is no small task, Melissa breaks down the process into simple elements. And you only have to do what you want to do at the budget you have, the energy and time available, and the degree to which you are inspired to do what you want to get done.” – Dr. Rosie Kuhn, The Paradigm Shifts

“Melissa is very personable and super organized. The Small Business Marketing on a Budget reflects it. Reading feels like I am talking to Melissa, and the steps are comparable to layers that build on top of each other. This is a MUST READ freebie for solopreneurs or small businesses who are doing their own marketing. The free eBook is packed with steps and information that are, if completed, will definitely yield a result. Without this guide I would probably just get sucked into one of the first steps and not move forward. The eBook provided me with a detailed guidance and the light at the end of a tunnel.” – Anastasia Golovko, Technology Around Me

“I like how easy the tips are, and they are free. With a little work anyone can use the tips to market their business.” – Angel Rossi Mathis, Boldly Went

Are you a small business owner?  Are you – like most small business owners – constantly wondering how to attract more customers to your business?

The role of Marketing Executive comes with a dilemma: How do you reach potential customers with your message while still meeting your bottom line?  You look for marketing advice where you can get it.  You invest in marketing that you think will bring in returns.  But it is not always easy to tell if the tactical approach is making a real difference in your sales.