So many businesses hit the ground running with great offerings, products, and services and then become frustrated when their phones are quiet and their social media followings or engagement are embarrassingly low. This is the time to explore your marketing strategy and find new ways to build a real audience among people who want what you offer.

But do you need a marketing consultant?  Isn’t marketing strategy something you can just figure out on your own?  The fact is, if you find the right marketing consultant, your investment will be returned to you many times over.  One quick word of advice can save thousands of dollars in tactical advertising plans.  One marketing strategy session can help guide you to best practices for converting your leads.

At Melissa Forziat Events, we start with a discussion with you to learn about your business goals, current marketing practices, your target market. From there, we build a tailored marketing strategy to achieve your goals.

For some, this means brand development.  For others, this means working out exactly who your target markets are and where to find them.  For others, this means planning a great event. We work together to focus on the marketing strategy that is right for your business.

small business marketing consultant

Some offerings include:

Brand Analysis

Assessment of your current marketing tools, including your web site, social media, newsletter, etc. Get real feedback on how you come across.

Defining your Core Messaging

Are you just starting out and need help coming up with a business name, tag line, or brand statement? It is so important to have feedback and support for this part of the process before you lock yourself in! This is the root of all future branding and marketing.

Target Market Analysis (most popular)

We come up with a comprehensive list of your target market(s) and a range of marketing and campaign ideas to reach them – all potentially bringing in new customers and revenue. From here, we develop your timeline and strategy. Successful campaigns can bring in dozens of clients, many thousands of dollars in revenue, or even brand new partnerships!

Social Media

Create a powerful new social media presence, build your audience, or learn tips and tricks to make the most of your pages! This is great for those who want to see more engagement and make sure they are representing their brand well while navigating the nuances of social media.

Campaign Development

Do you have a particular campaign in mind to reach your target market and need support to get it across the line? Let’s chat!

Perfecting Your Pitch

Are you passionate about your business but not sure how to express yourself most effectively to potential customers or investors. We can hone in on the core messaging of your business and help you craft your message so you can make a strong pitch in writing, in conversation, or in a presentation.

Content Development

Working on an important article, newsletter, press release, or other key content? We can help you generate the right messaging to represent your brand and reach your audience.

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small business marketing consulting and event strategy

• Goal Setting, Event Strategy
• Research and Analysis
• Budget Development
• Revenue Growth Strategies, Fundraising, Sponsor Acquisition
• Developing Sustainable Partnerships
• Event Branding and Communications, Public Relations
• Newsletter and Press Release Writing
• Volunteer Recruitment, Training, and Management
• Development of Event Deliverable and Collateral
• On-Site Project Management

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