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Transparency as a Business Owner

This week's guest post comes from Caroline Johnson, Founder of Line Writing Co. Being a business owner is tough. There are constant demands to not only complete what you have set out to do, but to stand out in a crowd. Sometimes it can seem like we’re stuck in a sea of people who do exactly [...]

Transparency as a Business Owner2019-06-13T22:25:56-07:00

Building Patience into Your Marketing Strategy

One of the biggest challenges I see from small business owners in their marketing is the urgency with which they approach it. Marketing done well is a long-term plan, but when you are facing start-up costs, monthly bills, purchasing inventory, paying employees, and all of the other responsibilities that go along with running a business, [...]

Building Patience into Your Marketing Strategy2019-06-26T23:14:44-07:00

How to Help Your Customer Develop a Connection with Your Business

For most products and services that a customer could want, there are numerous brands competing for the customer’s attention. As a business owner, this can be a scary fact. When your offering is very close to a competitor’s – or multiple competitors – it can feel as if your potential sales are a mere whim [...]

How to Help Your Customer Develop a Connection with Your Business2019-06-26T23:20:11-07:00

Pacing a Sales Conversation

It’s easy enough to have a sales conversation with a customer who is ready to buy right now. But, what if the customer standing in front of you is a sale in a week, or a month, or a year? It is important to remember there are multiple factors that go into a customer's decision [...]

Pacing a Sales Conversation2019-06-26T23:28:44-07:00

4 Effective Social Media Principles for Small Business Owners

I see a lot of small business owners using social media, and I see a range of success. Some appear to be reaching their audience, some don’t. At the end of the day, your target market is not necessarily using social media with the intent to buy. So, how does a business use social media [...]

4 Effective Social Media Principles for Small Business Owners2019-06-26T23:30:57-07:00

How to Keep Your Audience with You Longer

With so much competing for our attention these days, we spend less and less time considering new input before we move on to the next. In fact, we might spend 5-10 seconds with a message before proceeding. So, what can you do to keep your audience's eyes on your brand for longer? Of course, for [...]

How to Keep Your Audience with You Longer2019-06-26T23:42:10-07:00

The Art of Listening

Being great at sales is not necessarily about mastering a pitch. As much focus as we seem to put on the “sales pitch,” the sale is often in the listening. It is amazing what people will tell you when you give them an opportunity. In the situations where we can start the conversation with a [...]

The Art of Listening2019-06-26T23:44:35-07:00

The Reality of Converting Your Leads into Sales

You have a small business. You see people walk by your storefront, or you send out an e-mail to your e-mail list, or you have a whole bunch of followers on social media, or you send out a mailer to your whole neighborhood. But you are only seeing a small percentage increase in sales. Is [...]

The Reality of Converting Your Leads into Sales2019-06-26T23:47:45-07:00

What is Marketing Strategy?

What is marketing strategy? I see a lot of opinion about this in my travels, and not all of it is positive. People who think it’s a buzz word used by consultants. People who disagree with the concept of marketing because it feels salesy and gross. People who are overwhelmed by the idea of networking. [...]

What is Marketing Strategy?2019-06-26T23:57:07-07:00

Customer Urgency and Sales

One of the things to consider when crafting your sales techniques is how urgent your customer is. Yes, your customer has a pain point. Yes, they want it solved. But – do they want it solved right NOW or at some point in the future? Urgency and sales have an important link when you are [...]

Customer Urgency and Sales2019-06-27T00:01:29-07:00