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How Much Personal Information Belongs in Your Brand

For small businesses owners – and especially solopreneurs – personal brand and business brand can have a lot of crossover.   Which makes for an interesting question: Where do you draw the line between showing authentic personality in your brand and sharing personal information with your audience? The answer to this question will be different for [...]

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Beware of Marketing from Marketers

There are many marketing tools for us to choose from when we want to promote a business. Some are free methods, some paid. When I think about the most predatory marketing practices I have seen, many of them relate to someone trying to sell me a paid marketing opportunity. Today I want to share a [...]

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An Example of Storytelling – The Melissa Forziat Story

One of the greatest tools we have in marketing is telling a story. As small business owners, we have more than one story that can be compelling to our audience – the story of the business and our life story. Your story is part of your personal brand – and it can be a meaningful [...]

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The Power of Sensory Marketing

Appealing to the senses is a useful tool in our marketing. Science tells us that engaging the senses of sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste triggers our memory in those areas. Although smell has the clearest link to memory, there is evidence that the more senses are involved, the more accessible the memory is. And [...]

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The Psychology of Typeface

Psychology plays into marketing, even in the smallest choices. This week, let’s talk about the psychology of typeface. Different typeface and font choices conjure specific reactions in a reader. Serif fonts – like Times New Roman, Georgia, or Cambria – have a level of formality best for the content body. Sans-serif fonts – such as [...]

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What Your Customer Should Feel

Emotion is a pivotal component of marketing to your audience. It’s not about what you provide. It is about how the thing you provide makes them feel. Do your customers want to feel safe? Happy? Pain-free? Beautiful? Strong? When you reach out to them, tell them how you help them feel the way they want [...]

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