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How To Host An Event That Drives New Local Business

  Trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, and networking dinners…these are just some of the typical business events entrepreneurs get invited to on a regular basis. As an entrepreneur, you surely have attended many of these get-togethers to promote your business but have you ever considered hosting an event of your own? Putting up your own event [...]

How To Host An Event That Drives New Local Business2019-06-24T23:30:37-07:00

Pacing Yourself for Your Next Marketing Event

When you plan your marketing strategy, you may find that an event (or major campaign) is a valuable feature.  This could be a fundraiser, a launch, a networking event, an appreciation event, a contest.  There are many possible formats, and there is no limit to the creativity and the payoff you can get with a [...]

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Volunteer Management Tips for Your Events

When you’re using event marketing as a way to market your business, it quickly becomes clear that you need extra support to execute your project.  Many of us turn to volunteers in our times of need, but there is a harsh reality you might learn in the process: if you're not careful, volunteer management can [...]

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Finding Strategic Alignment with Sponsorship Marketing

When done right, sponsorship marketing is a valuable win-win conversation that benefits both the sponsor and the program organizer. And ultimately, determining whether it is win-win boils down to having a common target market. The organization or company making the ask should feel comfortable to know that their project is attracting exactly the type of [...]

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Double Your Marketing Power with Cross Marketing

Cross-marketing partnerships can be a great way to grow a business or event. The best partnerships involve two partners who are reaching the same market with a different service or product. Good cross marketing fosters growth and helps introduce each partner to potential new customers in their target market. As you network, keep your eye [...]

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Finding the Right Sponsors

Looking for sponsors for your event, donors for your non-profit, or investors for your business? Think about whose funding priorities would logically be aligned with your mission. It’s not just about who has a big name or who owes you a favor. Long-term relationships develop best when both sides are working towards the same goal. [...]

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What Do You Offer?

Know what you do. Whether you are planning an event or marketing a business, you will communicate most effectively to your clients if you know exactly what product, service, or mission you provide to the world! Once you have clarity in what you do, you can start to assess what the benefits are to your [...]

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