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How Much Personal Information Belongs in Your Brand

For small businesses owners – and especially solopreneurs – personal brand and business brand can have a lot of crossover.   Which makes for an interesting question: Where do you draw the line between showing authentic personality in your brand and sharing personal information with your audience? The answer to this question will be different for [...]

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Length of Exposure to your Brand Impacts Your Audience’s Recall

The world is a busy place. As technology has advanced over the years, more and more stimuli are positioned to compete for our attention throughout the day. We may spend five seconds…or even less…evaluating new information or input before moving on to the next thing. This becomes a real challenge for people who are marketing [...]

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Beware of Marketing from Marketers

There are many marketing tools for us to choose from when we want to promote a business. Some are free methods, some paid. When I think about the most predatory marketing practices I have seen, many of them relate to someone trying to sell me a paid marketing opportunity. Today I want to share a [...]

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Customer Urgency and Sales

One of the things to consider when crafting your sales techniques is how urgent your customer is. Yes, your customer has a pain point. Yes, they want it solved. But – do they want it solved right NOW or at some point in the future? Urgency and sales have an important link when you are [...]

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The Body Language of Sales

In every conversation we have about our businesses, we are marketing. The message we send is a combination of the words said and also the non-verbal, physical cues. In fact, posturing and body language are key factors in sales – not only in what we project, but also in being able to interpret the cues [...]

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Keeping Your Marketing Relevant to Your Customer

When it comes to selling, always remember what’s in it for your customer. You should be keeping your marketing relevant to that. Have you ever had a conversation with someone who was trying to get you to do or buy something, and they kept telling you about why the idea was great...for them? Think back [...]

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What Does Your Branding Say About Your Business?

What does your branding say about you? No – what does it really say? Do you know the purpose behind the images, the colors, the words, the font, the tag line? If you don’t, neither do your customers – and all those people out there who haven’t become your customers yet. We are so close [...]

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Using the Prestige Factor to Appeal to High-End Customers

The prestige factor. This is a topic that came up in yesterday’s “Business Talk Time” discussion (watch it here!), and one that is worth addressing here. As you consider marketing methods that could be right for you, one angle to think about is the level of prestige of your target market. The higher the perceived [...]

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‘Tis The Season for Sponsorship Marketing

It is nearing the end of the calendar year, and it’s sponsorship marketing season. If you are looking for companies to sponsor your event or project – or if yours is a company that wants to get visibility through a hosted event or project – you should be starting your outreach now if you haven’t [...]

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The Psychological Impact of Sale Pricing

When running a sale, psychological impact is important to consider in positioning sale pricing – not only for how it attracts a customer to buy in that moment, but also for establishing the value of your offering. Once an economically viable sale price is set, the question becomes how to position it. Generally, the customers [...]

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