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Is It Worth It to Post Infrequently on Social Media?

Let’s face it – when you have a small business, you might be your own marketing department.  Plus the legal team.  Plus the bookkeeper.  Plus customer service.  Plus human resources.  There are a lot of demands on your time.  When it comes to marketing, social media may be happening, but it’s on the back burner.  [...]

Is It Worth It to Post Infrequently on Social Media?2019-06-13T20:41:15-07:00

Can You Use a Facebook Page Instead of a Website for Your Business?

If you read much of my content, you know that I love working with small business owners.  You also know I often talk about marketing on a tight budget.  I fully believe it can be done.  When it comes to your online presence, you may be wondering if there are ways to keep cost down.  [...]

Can You Use a Facebook Page Instead of a Website for Your Business?2019-06-25T01:38:16-07:00

Staying Out of Facebook Jail

Have you ever heard of "Facebook jail?"  It's an occupational hazard for small businesses and worth exercising caution to avoid it.  There you are, going about your business engaging on Facebook to build your brand, and suddenly you are blocked from taking the very actions that were moving you forward.  If you have had this [...]

Staying Out of Facebook Jail2019-06-25T02:08:03-07:00

Using a Custom Hashtag to Create a Loyal Community

Throughout time, people have experienced common events separately from each other.  An event occurs, and a whole bunch of individuals were part of it in some way.  There are many forums we have created for ourselves to be able to have discussions and compare notes:  the water cooler conversation, book clubs, viewing parties.  But none [...]

Using a Custom Hashtag to Create a Loyal Community2019-06-25T21:29:40-07:00

Don’t Post and Run!

When it comes to the dos and don’ts of social media, this Marketing Tip of the Week is not just advice – it’s a PSA!  If you post and run on social media, it’s time to stop.  Yes, you!  Whether you are from a Fortune 500 company with all the advertising dollars in the world, [...]

Don’t Post and Run!2019-06-25T22:50:00-07:00

The Power of the Hashtag

When you are in the world of social media marketing, one of your most powerful tools is the hashtag.  Whether you are a business professional trying to get your product or service out there, or if you are just trying to share an idea for the fun of it, a smart hashtag can go a [...]

The Power of the Hashtag2019-06-26T01:28:31-07:00

Facebook Best Practices: Engaging as Your Business Page

If you use Facebook as a marketing tool for your business, you should get the most out of it for the time you spend.  There is a lot of Facebook best practices advice out there in the world about how many times a day you should post, what you should post, when you should post. [...]

Facebook Best Practices: Engaging as Your Business Page2019-06-26T02:23:29-07:00

Sell Without Selling, Part 1: What It Means

If you market a product, service, idea, or business and you have at any point researched how to do that effectively online, chances are that you have come across the expression sell without selling at some point. But what the heck does sell without selling mean?!   Here are some popular reactions.  Feel free to nod [...]

Sell Without Selling, Part 1: What It Means2019-06-26T21:58:32-07:00

Leveraging Influencer Marketing and Special Events

This weekend – 4th of July in the US – an incredible thing happened.  I was selling tickets at CSz Seattle, a local improv comedy theater, when Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher walked up to me to buy tickets. CSz Seattle had unexpectedly arrived at needing an influencer marketing plan. I am sure you can [...]

Leveraging Influencer Marketing and Special Events2019-06-26T22:32:51-07:00

Marketing Your Business “On Social Media”

One of the marketing red flags I often hear among small business owners is the blanket statement of wanting to market a business “on social media.”  If you are not able to further unpack the idea of marketing on social media, unfortunately you are ill-prepared to succeed there. Social media is not a magical land [...]

Marketing Your Business “On Social Media”2019-06-26T23:03:56-07:00