Better Goals=Happier You!

By Halle Eavelyn   If you could achieve one big grand goal in your business this year, what would it be?   What if you could be more connected to your work? To your home? And to yourself? What if every day was exciting? What if one day you woke up and said “life and [...]

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Mixing Business and Personal in Your Marketing

When it comes to marketing, branding, or public relations for your business, how much personal information and opinion should be involved?  This is a complicated topic, and one that can be difficult for a small business owner to navigate on the fly.  Today, we are going to set some ground rules for how much you [...]

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How to Attract the Right Customers (Part 1: Values)

If you have a business, you need customers.  It may seem like any customer is a good customer at first.  The truth is that you have at least one type of ideal customer.  Knowing your target market is important for the long-term success of any business, so you can reach out specifically to those leads.  [...]

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Marketing with Purpose

When marketing a business, you will get the best results if you are marketing with purpose.  That purpose should be designed to reach and attract your target market.  If we approach marketing with this intention, we have the best chances to convert our audience. This sounds obvious, doesn’t it?  You may have heard this idea [...]

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How to Write a Great Tagline for Your Business

Last week we discussed how to write a brand statement to create a bank of language for marketing your small business.  That brand statement can be distilled into various lengths for other content.  This week, we are addressing the tagline. A tagline is a short description with clarifying, memorable information about your brand. When I [...]

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Reflecting the Values of Your Brand

Have you thought about the values of your company?  If you have, chances are that this was an exercise you went through as you created a web site, social media page, or other longer-form marketing collateral that forced you to take a deeper dive into what you stand for.  But once we step away from [...]

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An Example of Storytelling – The Melissa Forziat Story

One of the greatest tools we have in marketing is telling a story. As small business owners, we have more than one story that can be compelling to our audience – the story of the business and our life story. Your story is part of your personal brand – and it can be a meaningful [...]

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How to Craft a Great “About Page”

One of the most wonderful tools you have in marketing is the “About” page. When you first think about what to write, it can seem like an overwhelming blank slate. What do you put out there to represent your company and appeal to your market?  One way to look at it is that your services [...]

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The Values of Your Business

What are your values? Many business owners lose confidence thinking their business fills the same place in the market as a competitor’s. The truth is your business is special. One of the things that make your business special is your VALUES. So, tell us – what are 3 great Values that you bring to your [...]

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